A 13,49$ well spent

I wanted the lucio “dance party” emote, but I didn’t want to spend 30$ with the twitch pack. So I only bought 200 OWL tokens to buy the emote and somehow its not working… Yup, I spent 13,49$ for something I cant even get… I have 2 theories for this.

  1. I’m on console (ps4) and we all know that sometime console can be really broken.
  2. I’m downloading a game at the same time… Maybe I have some connexion problems because of this.

I need help in this.
Thank you.

Unfortunately I it was not intended for that Emote to be available outside of the all-access pass at this time:

you will have to reach out to PlayStation support in order to get a refund for that purchase of tokens. (Only Blizzard can refund PC purchases.) Alternatively, you can also use the tokens for one of the new Overwatch League All-Star skins, which are available now.

If it says “at a future date”, should I keep my tokens and wait? Or should I try one of your suggestions?

That is at your decision. From what I heard, the emote will be released significantly later (like probably after OWL season 2).

I think I’ll just wait until it comes out… Thanks for the help btw!