First Oni Genji & Officer D Va Now Lúcio’s Emote


People are mad bc it was marketed as an exclusive

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Sure. Exclusivity is anti-consumer regardless. If you want to feel like a special snowflake, why not just earn the top 500 spray or something. Less people own that than some of these gaudy cosmetics that no one would take a second glance at if they were readily available.

well…again, if you bought hte pass solely for the emote…refer to my previous comment on this

Exactly, and they lied about it.

Just like they lied about reading our feedback daily? :kissing_cat::ok_hand:

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they can change their mind on it…we don’t know if they intended to do this or not from the get go

So what if I did. It still doesn’t justify lying about exclusives.

Hopefully Noire will never be released to everyone.



It was a Real exclusive.

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okay, so they lied, BIG WHOOP, its done, its over, its…another word for done

Noire Widowmaker was a Pre-Order exclusive, and should stay that way.

Lucio’s emote was locked behind a $30 OWL paywall despite not having anything to do with OWL. It’s completely reasonable and justified for it to be put in the base game. If it was OWL themed, then i’d be understandable to lock it behind OWL. But when it’s an emote that has completely nothing to do with it: no logos, no references, not even a HINT of OWL, there’s no reason for it to be locked behind it.


In all honesty, they should have just added into the game as a seasonal item, then released it as part of the OWL Bundle deal.

Making it special, as it would have been out of season or whatever.

Sure, that’d be cool. I hope they do.

This coming from someone who has all those skins already, btw. :stuck_out_tongue:

People need to stop with the selfish entitlement attitude. I see no need to keep something rare just because I have it. if Bill Gates bought everyone on your street a Ferrari, would you not value yours because “Bah, now everyone has one. :(” ?

Anyway, to those that don’t know what’s going on, apparently people can buy the All-Access Pass / OWL Lucio emote for 200 OWL tokens now.

Again, I’m perfectly fine with this. I think what was included in that pass was well worth the $30. And hey, I don’t have to pay 200 tokens for it, so … I see nothing wrong with this at all.

Congratz to those who wanted it and can buy it now. :smiley:

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People: I really want the emote but its too expensive…

All pass Holders: lul its not for the emote. I love OWL.

BLIZZ makes the emote purchasable besides all pass

All pass holders: BUT MAH EMOTE!



One important thing that has to be remembered is that the Twitch All-Access Pass was more than just a bundle of items for Overwatch, its main purpose was to provide exclusive content from the Overwatch League. Including an All-Access Chat Room, access to Q&A with players at the end of each night, and exclusive behind the scenes videos of the league. I personally believe (but have no knowledge of upcoming promotions) that the Overwatch League Gray skins (including the ones that have been released throughout last season and those that were not), and most other collectible items will be made available to earn in-game outside of the All-Access Pass or through cheering with bits. Instead, I believe they will eventually be available for OWL tokens.

Tom Powers in a reply to a topic about the OWL token buy bug with the Lucio Dance Party Emote did say this skin would be made available at a later date. I am a little surprised it came about now, but the 2017-2018 season is now over and 2018-2019 season will come about in less than four months.

I will note the Widowmaker Noire skin WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE outside of redeeming a preorder redemption code (which surprisingly are still valid).

Same applies with Blizzcon skins, those can only be redeemed with a valid Virtual Ticket code for that appropriate year (Bastion Epic Blizzcon X for 2016, Winston Epic Blizzcon 11 for 2017).

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well, yes, but not for the reason you said

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oh no, other people get the lucio emote i got for free as part of a season pass i willing paid for before knowing it came with a Lucio emote

Woe is me

(i own the OWL season pass and do not care if everyone has the emote)

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I agree. I dislike exclusives and in this game nothing can be re-sold anyways so there’s no real point to exclusives, from a consumer point of view.

I own the Noire, the Pink Mercy, and the All Star skins… I wouldn’t mind if they all became available for purchase again for the original or higher price. I wouldn’t even mind if they go on sale, so long as going forward Blizzard clearly communicates this will be the future practice. For Noire, I don’t know how it’d be priced, but an upperbound could be the game price I suppose.

Exactly as I foresaw it.

congrats u were ScAMMEd bY the old bLiZZ