Lucio emote and league tokens question

Will the Lucio emote be available for purchase before this years league tokens expire? If not, is it worth just getting them refunded and wait until it does come out? Thankyou :smile:

I’m pretty sure the purchasable Lucio emote is just a glitch

League tokens expire?

the tokens you bought do not expire i think… only the ones you got for watching OWL.

Ah ive just heard different things about it and was hoping someone from Blizzard could clear it up. It might just be worth getting the refund as a precaution.

They said it will be available for purchase at a later date here -

Yes i saw that :slight_smile: what i was wondering is whether the league tokens i bought expire before the release.

well just refund them… and re-buy them again when the lucio emote is released.

but i still dont think they expire.