A question for you all

I’m just wondering. I play on PS4 and if I buy league tokens, can I get the new Dance Party Lucio emote? This is my favorite emote for my favorite character and I really want it!

You need 300 owl tokens. In other words, 15 dollars

For 14.99 along with taxes and shipping the lucio emote can be yours!

This is a limited time offer so buy it before it’s gone!

(Everything but the 15 dollars part is a joke, maybe)

I’ve seen people taking about not being able to buy it though. And like refunding league tokens. I don’t want to drop $15 on league tokens before knowing for sure

The only way to get it is to drop 30$ on the league pass.

You cannot buy the emote anymore. I don’t even think you could in the first place, I saw a lot of people complaining that they bought the tokens but it wouldn’t allow them to buy the emote. Only way to get it is buying the Overwatch League Pass.

It was only an accident that it was available to be bought.

Note that he says it will be available in the future, so you could potentially save some money by watching OWL season 2 if you’re into that.