Is lucio's emote purchasable now?

or is it still giving people errors?

You can’t purchase it without the pass. If you have the pass and you can’t get it, maybe contact support.

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it says we can purchase it in the hero gallery for 200 tokens though

Basically. Dunno if they changed that.

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I think that was a bug, they said that wasn’t the intention and even if you “purchase” it you don’t get it. Luckily they’re refunding people that got affected by the bug. But yeah you need the Pass to get it, but it’s free for pass holders.

DOn’t go for the refund though. Unless you’re gonna watch OWL this season.

They’re intending to make it purchaseable for league tokens eventually, and if you’ve already bought the tokens yo u may as well keep them for when the emote goes live

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They said it will be purchasable at a later date with tokens, but we don’t know when exactly.

my confusion is that it already says you can buy it for 200 tokens, which is why I’m asking