HotS Replay Thread

As there are probably quite of few remarkable games going on every day, why not have a thread to post replays of games where you had amazing plays or comebacks, or anything else you would like to share.

Game on new Garden of Terror (solo-QM) some time ago. I know i´m bad in this one so no need to comment on it, i just thought the comeback from my team was pretty nice.

Extreme stomp on Cursed Hollow (solo-QM). I only later saw their Orphea was a bot from the start; the rest of their team does not really have an excuse for their play though.

Is it impossible to win with Ana? No, but sure as heck is it pulse-driving. (Can´t make a new post before someone else does).

Ana gameplay from Volskaya: Mura and Butcher diving deep, Tank presumably does not know spelling of “peel”, intense (32 min!) game though.


Here’s an Unranked game on D.Va I had where I’m actually more tanky than the main tank on our team, and getting the objective by stalling the zuljin and win the game, felt really good.


Nice, though Blaze being their only source for hard CC surely helps.

I was pretty impressed with that KTZ, quest done at start of first objective is sick.

Also “Medical Doritos” needs to be a meme.

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This isn’t exactly a replay, but it amused me.


If WM went one to the right they would even be sorted by role.


Here’s another replay where I win with a 1% core (69/22000), bare my behavior after that happening the game was so intense. :sweat_smile:

This was back in 6th/October when Kerrigan was tanky.


The Whitemane was DankMemeGod, who occasionally posts here, and CaiusCain was the KT on the end. We were just messing around in QM, and having successfully vanquished one of the enemy bell towers, mass bunkered them for good measure.


Two turnarounds in one game, so much for no comeback mechanics.

I wanted to post a replay for “why Lunara is fun”, but it seems Brawls do not save replays anymore (went 17-2, the latter only because i was too greedy towards the end). Need to see if i get a good one in QM.


Here’s another one where I started to question if I actually know how to play Tracer.

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I get the feeling you like Garrosh even less than i do, and that is something.

Also nice core push at the end.


A good Garrosh is a dead one :slight_smile:


This wasn’t exactly a pretty match, we stomped them fairly hard, but it demonstrates why Samuro shouldn’t take Bladestorm. I can understand why Alex went E build, but that doesn’t make it very good, and I am pretty sure their Murky DC’d, but I haven’t rewatched it to verify.

What makes this one fun is you get to see CaiusCain on his Alarak. He has been spamming Imperius recently, so it was nice to get back to our mains for a match.

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It can actually be good, if your enemy is very melee-heavy, maybe with multiple bodies. Otherwise you won´t stack fast enough/get enough CDR to compensate for the loss of healing by not taking the other talents; especially lvl.7 onwards vs Q build.

Murky disconnects at minute 5 and des not come back.

One can see he knows that hero.

A bit less for the gameplay, but more a QM case-study.

The first one is where i thought we would lose hard due to comp, but after a better start by the enemy we´re slowly going to lead. Butcher and Chen disconnecting somewhere after the 10 minute mark then doomed them.

In the second one my team dominates completely for the first half, but we got careless and a nice bait by Varian followed by a teamwipe then allowed them to win.

Unexpected win on Braxis.

Enemy comeback on Hanamura.

PS: That no-bump rule really needs to go, it is annoying.


Ah, that makes sense. The Murky was just playing so randomly and erratically, I figured it couldn’t be a real person there. I will admit, when I saw they had a number of heroes that excel on that map, Murky, Samuro, and Azmo on WHJ, I was ready for a bunch of chasing nonsense all over the place. Pretty much goes to show that comps aren’t the be-all and end-all of QM.

I will have to take a look at your Braxis one, as for some reason, that has been my most wacky map in terms of strange comebacks and general shenanigans recently.

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If you are looking for an interesting comeback this one on BoE might be more interesting, the one on Braxis is more unexpected due to comp.

The lower keep is taken instead of core at one point as i thought the Immortal would´nt make it far past the upper keep, so it might be we could have won earlier.

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Here’s a come back I had on Lunara today, feel free to judge my play style with her I probably did so many mistakes but it was fun.

Also found a way to share file links via Discord yay!



I don’t care. :sunglasses:


Sidenote: I had a few lags, don’t judge me too harsh bois & gurls :smiley:


Can’t include links in my post?