HotS Replay Thread

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I had a Braxis game where at one point we were 5-43 with a game ending score of 11-56 but we won!! My friend and I were Ragnaros and Stukov with some horrible teammates but somehow, I don’t know how we were able to win without losing any keeps.

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Neat comeback and the the core rush at the end was quite something. I liked how Imperius stabbed one for Tyrael to land his explosion: “First you die and now you need my help to be usefull at exploding. You should have stayed a mortal.”

Kaharazim who had the Palm activating on him straight when core went down.

Also Nova does not like deer for some reason, and Gazlowe/Aba-sitting is annoying.

Was´nt so bad :wink:, just a few tips:

  1. Sentinel Wisp is pretty much always the choice for vision, and this map is among the best due to a lot of conveniently placed bushes. If you place it in the bushes close you can see them come up to objective and even bosses simply due to the extreme range. It also reveals, so you could have seen Nova come up long before she had any chance to do anything.
  2. Your aim especially with Q. You often hit some isolated frontline minion though you can hit all of the backline for much more effect. Q eats some mana so it is wise to make the most of it and use it sparringly. Also still lined up waves are a easy prey to a single vine (you do that one once as far as i remember).
  3. When in a standoff-fight (aka not persuing or running away), it is usually good to be a bit at an angle. This sometimes allows you to get at the backbline and generally makes it easier to hit more with Splintered Spear and Vines.

Thanks a lot, the only reason I picked Natural Perspective so I don’t lose sight on those who are being poisoned, then again I forgot that both abilities have similar functionalities (and wisp was generally better in this situation). :sweat_smile:


Happens. Shortly after the rework i picked Perspective multiple times by reflex even though i knew by testing that Sentinel is awesome.

By no means perfect Lunara gameplay, but i remember hitting the backline of the wave often enough. Also an example for a build that is vastly underestimated: second highest damage only to KT, with what is essentially a single target build.

To have all three Lunara level 7 talents in this thread, proof that all three are usefull and also as a lesson why you should not go Twin Blades when you are the teams only tank option:

I was prepeared for something old when i saw the 716MB download size, but oh boy; old school minimap and ammunition.

They wiped the floor with you, but completely failed to use the advantage to progress to the core, while your team took all what it could get and opened the top lane. That was their downfall with that late game wipe at objective.

Seen that a lot … unfortunately against my teams :disappointed_relieved:

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I try going that build when I’m against 2 tanks, too bad I usually don’t feel like picking Endless Spores or anything aside of Greater Spell shield because I’m always playing against Mages or high burst damage ults.

Damage is pretty disgusting with the % damage, attack speed, attack damage and the cooldown reduction on your W for hitting 2 heroes.

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He was always the floppiest when we were kids.
Valor will be victorious!


This one our core got to 1% twice! It was a pretty insane game (ignore saltiness).
Let me know if it works cause boy that game was a doozy

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That garrosh needs a chill pill, anyways…



Disclaimer last clip will make you cringe.
I mean at least I didn’t miss my E right?


Works just fine for me.

That miscalculation on Morales HP at the beginning and following death behind enemy gates made me smile, a timeless Genji classic.

You got to give credit to the enemy team to get that far and do a good comeback, even if it did not work out … twice. That second def especially was just insane.

Whatever toxic stuff that Garrosh was taking in is no longer measured in percent, but octane.

Also nice hightlight videos @SamiSha.


Appreciate it, I think I rushed it a little like the first one where i kept the replay box visible. :sweat_smile:

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Here’s a Chromie game that was kinda decent. I used the double combo ultitrap well around 7-8 times in that game, if not more. So if that’s ever interested you, here’s a chance to see it used a number of times.

Also some other fun moments. Sylvanas gets quite a surprise…

PS @Samisha, what did you use to make those highlight vids?


Recorded with OBS -

[2nd clip] Edited with Vegas Pro 15.

Hosted on the same Discord server that you are also in.


More Lunara Replays.

This one made my heart beat really fast for surviving multiple times and because I got Leaping Strike to work despite being really bad in general when using that ult.


here is my contribution to the thread.

Zagara MVP
start watching around 18:18.


I was cleaning up replays, and this is an older match, a bit of a stomp, but it is fun as it shows off Blaze as a solo tank.

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Seriously lol that Uther could have ended it.

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omg…i love that replay, there are some really funny moments in it like at 8:30 when the DK kicks you on top of Jaina and you kill her :joy::joy::joy::joy:
And i even learned something from it: Leaping stike Unstoppable won’t save me from being kicked by DK :slight_smile:

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Honestly it’s a really weird interaction, the only reason I used Leaping Strike everytime I was about to get charged so I counter it, guess the charge is an exception of the rule or maybe another bug that got unnoticed. :confused: :man_shrugging: