Game is unwinnable and needs forfeit option

Ok, I did read topic and some people have some interesting ideas, maybe I will fight instead of surrender next time we get beaten badly.

It just feels impossibel to rank up from Bronze 1 when your teammates don’t get experience balls and never took the mercenary camp. Then other team gets a big lead on you.

In most those games I just protested by returning to the fountain until game is over. But if you insist those are winnable I can try again. What should I do in such situation where our team is 13 level and enemy is 16? Get mercenarys?

And what is the % of games that have a turn around like that? That 1 game doesn’t dictate all games and all levels and all ranks.

So you’re saying those players feedback isn’t valid? That’s quite shallow and rude actually. Do you have a source of statistics for what you said? If majority of this surrender implementation is from bronze players, low win rates and people who play once a week, that’s a huge call to make and frankly an opinion right now of yours.

No game is perfect but I never suggested I am or against this idea. I said “Being on the fence here.”

Feedback is important everywhere, games, life, work, relationships etc… If a hoard of people are giving you feedback on the same thing and you don’t want to implement it or change it, then it’s time to look at other elements of the game and think “why are alot of players giving this feedback?”.

when ONE person gives you feedback, you either take it and change it or you take it and ignore it.

when ALOT of people give you feedback then you need to evaluate and dig deeper why a bunch of people feel this way.

Yes, I have 42% Win ratio, in storm league. Why? BECAUSE TEAM DOESN’T HELP IN CAMP!

Or we need kills? TEAM DOESN’T KILL! They just die and enemy gets kill. I ping enemy hero million times, and they don’t kill it. They are bad.

And you have guessed it. If we need exp, then I must get it. People don’t help me.
I can’t be in 3 lanes. I am not vikings.

There will always be another impossible looking match. I have found that perfect practice makes perfect. If you are only ever put against bad players, you will never have the chance to learn better skills. By this logic, you stand a better chance of becoming a grand master by fighting with and against other grand masters then with lesser skilled players.

I didn’t insult OP, if you think I was being rude. I’m just saying people with advanced mindsets don’t think this way, feeling like quitting the game if the other team gets ahead.

They soak exp, play safely and wait for the next deciding teamfight when they get to the same talent tier. Or they backdoor enemy core. Who knows. But one thing they sure as heck don’t do is giving up completely.

Their feedback isn’t valid because their mindset is flawed. They misunderstand how HotS works. The game isn’t over because you’re behind. Giving up under pressure is exactly why they stay at low ranks.

Or we need kills? TEAM DOESN’T KILL! They just die and enemy gets kill.

That’s just the other team being better then. Or they have more skilled assassins than your team did. You can’t just ping an enemy hero and magically have them die. Your team needs to have a good player who can execute that kill.
That’s why many people prefer playing assassin themselves.

I can’t never get +50% win ratio and be in good rank, because I have only idiots in team.

There are only lesser skilled players in the game. I don’t want to play with them when enemy is beating us so badly. I want to move to next match when we got big level disadvantage.

WHy is that so hard to understand. But no, you want to give -500 point penalty when I leave that game. This is fascist penalty for match I didn’t want to finish.

And I must play with leaver for 4 games to go in SL again, this is bad joke.


Ok then tell me what to do when we have 3 kill, enemy 15. We have level 13, enemy have level 16.

Only beat minion until we are 16? No, it will take forever.
HotS is badly designed.

So you’re B1? What Heroes do you play there?

Most of it will depend on the team comps and map, as well as what role you are playing. One typical way is to find one or two of the enemy team alone or overextended, such as trying to steal one of your camps, and kill them, rather than going for full 5v5 team fight. The numbers advantage will definitely counter their level advantage. One of the comebacks built into the design of the game itself is that the team with the lower level will get a lot more experience for a kill. Often just a few kills will completely catch you up.

You can also set an ambush up, although that can be riskier, but often the value of surprise will also lead to a key pick.

Soaking is OK, but won’t overcome the lead on its own. Soaking is the best route if you are close to a talent tier, or have heroes that directly benefit from it, such as an Azmodan or Nazeebo.

And last but not least, you can look at your team comp and its particular strengths, and abuse the heck out of it. In the screen shot I linked, we had a unique opportunity to pull of a completely unexpected and unorthodox strategy, very similar to a Juice Pirates. Because of the way the map is laid out, we had a chance to attack the bottom lane by skipping tower defenses, and using Medivh portals to get directly to the fort, keep, and eventually, core. Anub’arak and Gazlowe can call up summons to tank fort shots for us, and Greymane and Artanis are excellent at ripping through structures. Yes, it was a bit of a cheesy thing to do, but at the end of the day, victory or defeat is determined not by levels, not by the number of kills, but by whose core lies in ruins.

Which heroes do you play, and is it on specific maps you have issues? One thing you will learn if you hang around enough, people on this forum love to give advice!

(Of course, it may not always be good advice, but we do try…)

Strong heros like Kaeltas, Thrall, Auriel, Uther, Maiev, Valeera, Muradin. Who has not that many weakness.

Most of those heroes are strong, but several are really dependent on your team, so as you have noted, if your team is failing you, it doesn’t matter how good the hero is, it will still rely on others to excel. Auriel and Uther specifically are very team dependent heroes, and will struggle if people aren’t giving you energy, or aren’t taking advantage of your CC. If you like playing healers, Rehgar and Anduin are probably better for climbing through Silver as Rehgar can do a lot on his own, and Anduin has a few “save the idiot” options.

KT and Thrall are probably good ones to focus on, although KT may get banned out a lot, so having a good back up mage like Jaina isn’t a bad idea. Muradin is an excellent tank, but Maiev and Valeera can be frustrating as they rely on getting kills to be effective, and if your team lacks the lock down or follow up, you may feel like you aren’t getting much value.

Rather than looking for heroes without weaknesses, try to focus on heroes that are self-sufficient and can accomplish a lot even without their team for climbing. These tend to be bruisers such as Thrall, Ragnaros, Malthael, and the like, who have strong lane presence, can solo most camps, have some form of self-healing/shielding, but still have decent team fight options.

You can also post replays here for people to look at, which may be helpful as well.

Good luck and stay strong, you can do it!


Ok, i try those other heros. But it is stupid we must prefer self sufficant heros to get high win rate, because the team will not help us. Is it not team game?

Self sufficant is the brand of LoL, where 1 strong player must carry.

But I will try.

Oh, it is by far the most team reliant game in the genre, but as you have seen too many times, most of the people playing that don’t really understand all that implies. This definitely improves in higher ranks, and that is where heroes like Maiev and Uther really come into their own.

One other thing you can do, is if you find someone who understands the game, plays well, and you have a good game with, it never hurts to ask if any of them want to party up and queue together for more games. A number of people on my bnet friends list were met in game, and playing in a group gives you a big advantage in general.

Edit: Don’t think of a hero as a carry in the sense of LoL, but one who can be effective regardless of what their team mates are doing.

I respect that OP is actually looking for solutions though.

Honestly, if you can learn to flex, that will be a big help. Believe it or not, but I win more games where I flex than where I don’t. I have a higher win rate as tanks and healers than I do ranged assassins. And I have ranged assassins and bruisers as my preferred.

If you get 0 and 12 dps who keeps diving 1v5 as a mage, game is over. You can not carry that.

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Kael can be really punishing in low elos, that’s true.
Thrall, Valeera, Mura are also great imo for that setup.

But Auriel is still quite battery dependant and you can’t carry well with Healers (this is true to Uther as well). Ofc, your team needs Healers, so respect if you fill for your team, but those Heroes (and Maiev) make your really team dependant.

For Healers, I’d suggest Khara and Rehgar, because they can do camps, deal dmg and still heal enough to save allies from misplays.
Ragnaros, Azmodan and other PvE heavy Heroes can also do a lot of favour for you.

When you need help, feel free to ask for builds here and post replays and ask for advice here.

Then take it on the chin like Rocky, instead of flaking out like dandruff.

(Also, comeback mechanisms etc. etc.)

As much as I’d want to have a horrible match to end faster, this would be horribly abused.

Just one example: today I played a match in QM as Jaina with a Dehaka. I went to bottom lane but he told me to go top since he wanted to lane bot. I told him I’d just pick up the healing globe and make my way up to top lane.

He got angry at me because I went bot even though I had told him that just wanted the globe for my quest. He called me a troll, asked everybody to report me and proceeded to throw the match at minute 1.

Had he had the option to surrender and leave unharmed, he would’ve done it. We tried our best but lost. I’ve won against better comps and lost to worst. A surrender option would not be healthy for the game in my opinion.

I think if you’re down 5 levels or more, you should be able to do a surrender team vote. If all players on your team agree, then it ends. If even 1 player doesn’t agree, then it continues.

5 levels down imo is the cut off for reasonable comebacks and adding another security measure to prevent rage quits in the form of a unanimous vote would prevent too many undesired quits.