Come join us for a 5v5! Community Event hosted on Cain's Discord!

Same, I don’t need your money. Allowing me to bask in the radiance of your glowing personalities is enough.

Nawh! Still if it gets people together and talk to each other without arguing. It’s a bonus.

Been a lot of arguing on these forums these past few days. Time to break it up.

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I’m im Asia tho :cry:

Remember to keep that 10 dollars Dr. Logan, maybe you can use it to bribe Blizz into doing a Tassadar rework.

It’s a nice idea, hopefully you can all have a good laugh, talking voice is always so different to words on a forum anyway. I was away for a few days and it seems I got lucky, things kinda got a bit ugly. :frowning:


Hmmm, well I might join this for the sake of fun if someone’s willing to invite me, and EU event too.

If there is a EU version i´d like to join in.

If there are some cool plays coming around in those games, there is already a thread to post the replays, or video clips of it.

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There will be an EU one. I’ll be switching back and forth between EU and America - but if more people next week only play on EU. Then I’ll host on the EU.

So really everyone should just come in and get their teams set up and I’ll host on which server that makes sense at the time.

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Alright, I’m in, both for EU and Americas, so if anyone is willing to form a team, invitations are welcome.

Count me in, Always ready to throw down with the best of em

SamiSha, DrLogan, hellobg, GuardWizard and me is one team. We welcome any challengers :wink:



:eu: :vs: :us:

I can’t wait to get those 10$ to buy some vbucks in Fortnite.


Why use the 10$ for Vbucks when you can use it for Robucks in Roblox

I will pay 10 dollars to Sami to have fun with me.

Because this game is more relevant than Roblox, Ricegum taught me really well. :pray:

By fun with you you mean reclaiming back DeGroot Keep epic style with medics only.

Fortnite ded


We are goind to ride POWERHOUSE, BABY!

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Hell yeah it is, reclaiming DeGroot Keep will be a bloody battle.