Friendly CustomGames: "Tourney of the Forums"

What about ppl who are willing to play, but not sure if they can form a team,
those LONE WOLF will b placed in vacant spots by you? or they should just watch the matches later when they are uploaded :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try to list the lone wolves who will be able to form their teams with eachother. No need to become just an observer if you want to play and there’s room for more :smiley:

Also for ingame chat: /join TotF

well im always in for a tournament but sadly i play at brasil so i will have a lot of lag if i try to join, and also i don’t have a team that its available all at the same time :frowning:

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Can it be possible to put up the games, maybe in the discord channel? Can’t join cuz I can’t play in NA/EU on high ping, so I’d rather watch.


Sounds like fun. If someone wants to have me in his team I’m glad to help out. I play mostly Bruiser/Offlane but have also played the Flex position before. I can only play on EU however, as I don’t have any heroes on NA.
Just add or write me.

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The matches will be uploaded in their own thread and that thread will be linked into the HotS Replay Thread (plus it’ll maybe even streamed on twitch, but not sure about the latter).


As much as I would love to stream it I have major issues with Twitch due the fact its rather hard to get a decent connection on the mountains.

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whts tht?

Ingame chat channel like “general” but for the tournament.

oh ok, will chk,
leaving now, hopefully today my internet is good
yesterday it wa soo bad i didnt even log in again after one game tht cost me a match in SL…
then i just watched FRIENDS :stuck_out_tongue:


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Candybars update the thread’s links some of them died. :frowning:

Interesting. Can i watch somewhere these matches? I mean when do you do the matches and not after.

ps.: I would like to join too. This sounds fun, but my skill level is unknown as rank… collecting this information is too much time.

No problem of your rank is unknown, you can join any teams.


In which room is this in Discord?

Okay, i wrote in the discord for team finding. I don’t think i will find a team, but i try it. Thanks the invite.

Could we get some sort of “CompStomp of the Forums” as well for us AI folks? Perhaps after the main event, for those willing to participate.

I was an ai player too. Can we join forces?


Can i find somewhere the alredy made premade groups?
Normally i would avoid the player versus player matches, but this sounds too much fun.

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