Storm League Matchmaker

Nevermind i’m blind


How much game master is there actually? If we look the “in the current moment there are no other gm playing” prespective, then we could possibly find the answer.
I feel sorry for you. You are too good. You will not enjoy the matches anymore.

that was in NA since i didn’t play there for a bit my rank decayed back to diamond 1 but when i was at masters i wasn’t playing vs GMs at all just masters or high diamonds was fine that’s why i’m confused

It’s too small the very good playerbase. This simple. You reached a point what shouldn’t be easily possible.
As i said alredy. I feel sorry for you. You are simply too good.
You can use nova too? I rarely see good nova, and when i see, she always in my enemy team. Could you share one of your nova gameplay?

i haven’t played nova for now but i have a replay here HotS Replay Thread

Great. More then 500 reply only. Wich reply is it?

i’ll link it for you in a second

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i’ll start recording nova gameplay and uploading them when i have time to keep on fresh replays!

Ah, you don’t have to. One enough. I just have interest in how should this hero work on the first place. Most of players can’t use her. At least i don’t feel her as a treat when my enemy, but sometimes it’s a deathweight when my ally.

By the way, if you have a chogall gameplay, i would watch it happily. Unfortunatly Notparadox dosen’t have video about him

then you’ll love that replay cause i make them suffer when i play nova idc if vs zeratul or valeera i’m a nova god.

oh cho’gall i played him soooooo long ago but that’s when i got a virus corrupted all the files and had to get rid of most of the replays and most of my games in my computer in general. but if i plan to play him again will post it!

illidan wouldn’t be bad either.
Dr. logan made a topic about a guy, who played with kael in bronze. Today i watched a few of his videos. Played with illidan too in bronze. He lost. He lost against bronze. He was gm 44 rank. He lost against bronze…
I’m pretty sure about illidan is not okay hero. I would like to see some video about him mostly.

this is that video. Nevermind i go to watch your gameplay.

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LMAOOOOOOOOOO this is golden… i can’t imagine my self losing to bronze team

Same :wink:


No. Not your nova gameplay is the good. Your baseline mentality is the good. if you are mostly like this, then i would like to play with you.
The “we shouldn’t give up” better sentence like “STOP FEEDING IDIOT” after 2 death/10 minute.

I’m interested in your other nova gameplays. I wasn’t fascinated by your nova gameplay. This is a simple safe nova gameplay with an avarage gameskill level. From a master i except more.

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that wasn’t ranked game so wasn’t really on “tryhard” mode nova haha

I almost threw up when I saw Malthael using Tormented Souls on a wave.


in Quickmatch you’ll always witness things that you never seen before!

I use to play quick match a lot just to experiment builds, but in the end I realized that I was mostly a soaking bot just to get to 20 since my teammates didn’t understand the game.
Even my friends don’t want to qm anymore. We’re sticking in brawls or 4 games in SL maximum per day, or until we’re burned out.

But, returning to the main subject, plats with gm, that’s absolutely insane, unfun. Was the gm in a 5 stack or something ?