Can some one explain why people go orb

Yeah, that is normal Bronze 5 dps main thinking. :frowning:

In master league…

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I include that in “easy.”

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Because all other builds suck by comparison in ARAM.

Different game modes encourage different builds. Where as Orb generally sucks in actual matches due to the huge space and spread of proper maps, all other Li Ming builds suck in ARAM in comparison because they deal inferior damage or force Li Ming into close range.

Orb has very powerful zoning. It is best on maps with tight spaces where one can contest objectives like Cursed Hollow and the enemy cannot counter dive her (no Tyrael or Butcher). They physically cannot grab the objective as long as she is nearby as she will land 1k damage orbs on them late game. If the enemy team splits up to get close to her then Li Ming’s allies can butcher them <5 v 5. Their only option is to all break off the objective and team fight, during which Li Ming can land Orbs in the tight spaces for a few K of damage.

It is worst on very open maps like Blackheart Bay or Towers of Doom where the enemy has tons of room to side step the orbs. It also is bad if your team has a lot of lockdown (roots, stuns, slows) since then one can focus fire Magic Missile for more single target DPS. Killing 1 hero is worth a lot more than damaging 5, especially given how her trait works.

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If you can’t hit your Orbs, you better not pick Ming at all.
I don’t know what game are you playing, but Orbs hit a lot more often than they don’t. And hitting them is essential, even if you don’t go Orb build.

Anyways, Calamity can be a risky build. Especially for less experienced Mings, who just end up dying in the middle of the enemy team. While with Orb build you can play a lot safer, while still contributing with huge amount of damage (more damage than Calamity build, but less playmaking potential)


Cause its fun to throw those juicy orbs that will in the end give you top dmg even tho you die 10+ times.

Should just nerf Triumverte already. Why should she have 100% mana refund on afk orbs. Also the spec itself just make tons of limings turn their brain off. Not long ago i had a enemy liming who had 80k hero dmg but only 1 kill while i had 7 kills already as dehaka with only 1/4 of her dmg done.


It doesn’t work but saying that its overall bad is far stretched especially on certain maps where orbs becomes rather impossible to dodge due tight corridor fights where there’s very little area to move ESPECIALLY against certain heroes, mostly a lot of melee’s (around 3, tanks and bruisers are included in this category) comp to be specific.

Orb build isn’t trash, its situational on certain maps.

Also, don’t pick on lvl 16 arcane orbit, it’s anti synergy to your entire Orb build, it makes you do far worse and even fail to proc certain talents due range increase, go Mirror Ball instead, nice buff to you Q and it works well with glass cannon (if the situation calls for picking it).

i play orb build ming with glass cannon when i feel like it. very effective and also high damage and since it reduces cooldown of the orbs when you hit someone that’s even more damage!!! spam orbs > win and no one can dodge it so easily in specific maps or during fights what they’ll wait for you to use orbs to decide if they should move or not? or they’ll focus on the fight?

This is cancer. I dislike this build. :sob:

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you dislike playing with it or against it? as for me i play it in specific maps like Volskaya cause of the objective there where everyone fights over it helps more in hitting the orbs easily etc. but in general i play with Teleport build without diamond skin cause i prefer mirrors at 16 more for more damage

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so both?

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Yes. Even if I get Li Ming to play, I refuse to use this build, even if we can win easily with it.

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Since calamity build is more difficult to play i would almost assume that every Orb LiMing is therefore bad at the game. I played vs first pick LiMings a few times now in a row and they lost so hard i would almost think that player ruined the match for the enemy team just by first picking LiMing ^^

i pick it rarely however i posted a video in

HotS Replay Thread

on my last ming game with orb build was fun :smile:

Ideally you will have two Mings. One Orb build, and one Q build to set up the bonus damage for the Orb Ming.

if you think orb build is bad you are not playing it correctly. It’s used in all ranks when appropriate:

  • when Ming is the main way to stall objectives or zone.

Orb is very effective in:

  • Dragon
  • Cursed hollow
  • Hanamura
  • Towers of doom
  • Volskaya
  • Warhead

It does ok in other maps if the enemy has too many ranged heroes (because they all break positioning every time you launch an orb).

If you think Clamity takes more skill… you are just deluding yourself. Calamity is the safe build that has the similar win-rate no matter what map you are in, or what you are facing. Calamity is the easiest build because you don’t actually have to consider counters… at all; in fact, it’s the best build when fighting counters like Illidan, Tracer or Zeratul.

I think it can pump out the most dmg of all her builds. That’s why i pick it if i’m the only backline on the team and we’re desperate for dmg. usually this is because we drafted something weird like 2 bruisers or a triple frontline. It’s hard to use because you cannot really just sit there and orb the tank and have to position so that youre hitting a few others at the same time. Definitely should not be picked against divers though.

Personally I think there are better heroes suited for sitting safely in backline and dishing out dmg, but that kind of efficiency isn’t necessary even in diamond games where “optimal picks” aren’t important.

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The number of games i won or saw being won because ming dared and succeeded a calamity dive into reset.

Orb build would have never allowed to pull that off.
As far as i am concerned it is the only reason why the hero is any fun to play.


I think Li-Ming attracts a certain player as she is so fun to play. As for the Orb build it can be useful on some maps, mostly to stall objectives with constant poke. I personally can’t stand a Li-Ming who takes full Orb with Laser Ult build vs a team with divers, when she could go Q build or E build and just self peel with WOF.

Orb build is very passive play, very safe, can produce nice big white numbers on the stat tab, which is what many care about.

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