Short Replays: MegaKills / CoreDefense

Well, after long search for several days, i finally found my FIRST EVER mega kill :smiley: , its my first time, so its ok for me to b crazy n excited :smiley:

But im sure many of you would have many videos of mega kills, and or epic core defenses , drop em here,

N mmm i hope someone can embed the file tht im posting here,

emm, ignore the graphics n minor jerks in game that you notice,
Thats wht i have to deal with all the time :stuck_out_tongue:


first of all i want to apologize for this
you should post it in the Hots Replays Thread!

well its my first mega kill, i wanted a new thread :smiley:

but i wil post it there soon, i know this one wont b populated much,

but wel, its my first :smiley: let me enjoy the glory for some time with a dedicated topic :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah sure thing i just meant you can also post it there since it’ll be viewed in both ways :smile: also i’ll watch it whenever i stop losing power.

yup :smiley: , im waiting someone to embed the video, whoever does it, i wil ask them to post it there on the thread too, coz right now , i cant embed :frowning:, only can post link

whattt why it say “No video with supported format and MIME type found.” ?

ahh see, i had tihs feeling deep inside, its .flv hmm

i’ll upload it from here and post it for you! give me few mins test.

but if i open it on browser from the google link, it plays in browser, y giving issue hhere, strange

it works for me too on browser but it won’t show the video when i post it here. i’ll try posting another flv video link not that one and see

ok it’s the same thing hmmm

ahh, may b flv not supported, i wonder which format is supporter here

try this , :smiley:

Aye Aye works!
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haha finally :smiley:

i also turned it into mp4, but thought on youtube is better,

n by the way hows the mega kill :smiley:
i know my frends helped to get them low hp :smiley:
but well, kills were mine

can you give me a link to the mp4? and wow you got the whole enemy team that’s amazing work hard carry ming! :smile:

haha , wait i giv u the link
i wil edit in here

sec will host it on streamable better!

You guys tried streamable yet?

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thank you Sami :heart: