AnaBanana will ask you anything


Ow thank you! Im trying to ask everyone a diffirent thing based on what I know about them. Creativity is lacking today tho

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how can i share it here? Where can i upload my replay? google drive?

Hots replay thread :stuck_out_tongue:

No-no i mean differently. Not on wich topic.
I mean how to do the upload itself

In one of the later comments you see RCW explaining how

ah i see thanks. I will playing one now with illidan and i upload it.

ps.: how did i jumped through that information? i wanted share in the past too…
i’m dissapointed in myself.

i shared the pictures :smiley:
i try to share the replay itself too.

Lvl 1 : Any
Lvl 4 : Serrated Spines
Lvl 7 : Viscous Acid
Lvl 10 : Any
Lvl 13 : Hydralisk Transfusion
Lvl 16 : Corrosive Saliva
Lvl 20 : Fury of the Storm

This is kind of a kite build. Meaning you have to move, auto-attack, cast, move, auto-attack, cast, etc. using banelings to slow your opponent while the zergs grind him. The creep give you movement and the more Serrated Spines is buffed, the more effective it is.


i shared it there!

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What hero do you enjoy killing the most?

Tell me your Ana players stereotype?

Who is your favorit viking and why?
Also you most usefull one

What do you think is the major diffirence between a dog and a cat person

What is the earliest memory you can remember?

What did “that kid” at your highschool do

What do you think happens when we die?

Based on your current life experience. What advice can you give me?

Thanks! Harbinger said it actually. He introduced me trough the forums by memes of the storm. I made a 2nd acc because I just fell in love with that name.

Do you have any life hack?

If you could bring 1 blizzard character to life. Who would you bring here?

What are your most comfy pants?

If you would discribe yourself in 3 worths. What would it be?

Hopefully I wont miss!
What aspect do you enjoy most about this game?

Ill tripple tap you!
If you would name a new pet. What name shall it be?

What is a cultural thing they do at your place you find weird?

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Hi, I want you to ask me: Why are you the way you are?
It is up to you to do as you want or surrender to my will.
We apologize in advance for the nightmare that you will dream in the next 12 hours.
If after the nightmare IRL that you will have you come back to the forum and talk about it you will be seen as a roleplayer of our roleplaying
If you tell your friends that the witch from the forum may actually have some kind of power they will think that you are insane or just stupid.
I will not mention the possibility of you thinking that it is a coincidence because this has never ever happened.
We cannot know what will happen after, first we need to see what kind of nightmare you will have.
Once we learn your fears…
Then the game will begin.

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Sculpting sounds nice

Sorry coudnt respond before someone else did.

I will try it this evening!


Well, as a symbol of showing respect n getting blessing form elders, we bow head slightly so our elder can put their hand on it… Feels kind of strange. As i grew up mostly in Saudi Arabia, but things different here in Pakistan :slight_smile:


Oh, don’t grief.
You’ll soon join your loved ones.

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Oh wow I didn’t know that. Good to know. Thanks for sharing your life to the machine.


Ow lol! I cant stand if anyone rubs my head


well feels odd to me too, lol, but its tht,

If I write again does that mean I get another question?

Ask me. I’m all yours Ana.