Catapult and regen globes make this game a one sided mess

This is so factually incorrect that I wanna cry. Go play LOL, get to diamond / masters and then get to masters in HOTS, then tell me which game is a more snowbally mess.

HOTS makes comebacks easy as 1 plus 1 if you know what you are doing.


OP: I don’t like this thing
Community: [plethora of reasonable arguments and helpful insights]
OP: Lawl, why are you stupid?


The day i saw dogs check the road for cars and waiting for the green light to cross over i stopped having doubts about it.


Especially since they are colourblind.

How easy do they need to make the game for you? You’re garbage and let your soak slip by, that’s on you.

At first, towers and forts didn’t spawn cata’s, they just gave a huge boost in exp. In order to slow that down, Blizz transferred the exp value into catas to slow down the lead.

If you’re still losing, how about quit fighting mid all game as if it was ARAM? Maybe you wouldn’t be such trash at the game?

Speaking of I am…Lucky Blizz has a very good color blind mode for this game.

I’m not sure if you want your mind changed, but if you go to a thread of mine or Harbinger’s Message Board and RCW’s Replay Thread you can read about many games with epic comebacks.

I wrote recently about one such game I had on TOD where my random QM team had 1 point on our core at 14 minutes vs 32 on the enemy core. The enemy also controlled one of our towers and were about to hit level 20, while we were level 17. Here is a cap:

We managed to comeback and win that game.

I admit you can’t always overcome such odds and TOD is an extremely balanced map, but we won as we decided as a team not to give up! I have lost count of times where I’ve been almost this far down on TOD and pulled out a victory. I just had a game where we had a core rush and beat the enemy by 2% on our core.

Sometimes to turn around a game all you need is one team wipe late in a game to smash your way to the enemy core for a victory. Many people complain about this, but it means you have to play the game consistently well, not just for the first 2/3 of the game.


Because they’ve learned to play well enough to not let it be that all the time.
Some games are dragged down by really bad allies or afk players.
But the majority of them aren’t a one-sided snowball.

I feel like anyone copying that dumb idiot doesn’t want their mind changed.
It’s quite an annoying meme.


How were you expecting to win if you only lose? If you are indeed losing buildings and globes everywhere, you probably weren’t winning in the first place. You’re not losing because of globes, you’re just losing because you’re outplayed.

Comebacks are very much possible. The main way of coming back is to close the xp gap as much as possible (soak waves, also gets rid of catapults) and then win a fight on even talents (if possible). The globes and catapults do nothing to hinder this, and even make it easier by pushing your lanes (so you can soak them without having to go out too far into the danger zone).

Not really, the catapult change was the opposite of that. Forts used to give an instant chunk of xp, and that could indeed lead to snowballs (enemy takes lead -> due to lead you can’t stop them from taking fort before you fully catch up -> enemy gets a new lead from fort xp-> etc.). Nowadays fort xp comes more gradually, giving losing teams more time and chances to recover.


I’ve had several near identical games, got to 1 hp on Towers of Doom while they got to 40 or even vice versa and we won or reverse. Also had games we were winning all game long, then a single TF of dragon shire when i think we had the objective we lost, they went trough our forts and keeps which were all standing like they were paper. Also won games with up to 5 levels behind, because they got cocky, or me got cocky when i was playing godly as Alarak or my entire team.

HoTS system is amazing in that regard, compared to every other Moba.

There is a flip side to this
The catapaults grant more XP and because they make the wave more powerful the minions will begin pushing farther away from safe territory which makes you have territory advantage while clearing
This means you can catch up on XP and guess what, there aren’t any maps in the pool currently that cannot be turned around at an Objective or camp (Hanamura being the only exception but even then it’s more about the sentinels so call those the OBJ))

This right here is a trope that indicates lying on your end. People that tote the “change my mind” mantra do so because they think they’ve compiled enough ‘proof’ of something to be convinced they can’t be changed.

The functional issue with that mindset is that it comes from people that don’t know how to gather worthwhile evidence, borrow expressions from others and otherwise lack the effort put in to have thought through this stuff on their own. IF they had, they wouldn’t be using such a lousy expression and pretending it has value.

The capacity to ‘change one’s mind’ stems from being willing to learn, to assume one isn’t right about something. The “change my mind” is an ignorant mantra that pretends their arrogance is justified because they don’t pay attention. They don’t know how to learn, so they effectually troll others by lawding at people attempting to waste their time because the proclaimer doesn’t actually know enough to tell if something actually counter/refutes/offsets their claim due their arrogance.

It takes humility for people to change, and parroting arrogant tropes pretty much conveys how much a doofus you are, and the lack of awareness to realize you’re your own worst issue on this.

The capacity for people to be lazy, ignorant, unobservant, cowardly, and convincing themselves to give up is what makes the game “one sided”. People that prattle off on that indicate they don’t pay attention, have no idea how to pay attention, and then expect their participation trophy is a grand mark of indicating their competence despite all signs to the reverse.

People aren’t in some sort of ‘denial’ in disagreeing with you – and said response to your claim to ‘change your mind’ shows the disingenuous attitude of your assertion: you don’t want people to “change your mind” – you’re too busy lying to yourself to realize the difference.

Knowledge is power, and the powerless will remain as such so long as they distract themselves away from the very thing that’d solve their self-inflicted problems. When you get over yourself, maybe you’ll actually take to heart some of the sincere replies that were given despite your insincerity and you’ll learn a practical solution to problem solving.

Course its much easier to remain in denial yourself and just blame anything else instead, but of you’re looking to “change [your] mind” it’s on you to do it.


well, WHY ARE WE all so stupid? /s

or even in brawl…

Had a game last night where we were getting hammered hard until the enemy was damaging our core… we managed to wipe them with core at ~70%.

After that, over 10 minutes we slogged it out, stopped some backdoors, and ended up losing with the enemy core at like 50% HP.

(That game was also a good example of why shields on the cores in the brawls would be awful. I don’t think either of our teams would have been able to win hahah!)

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The old way was much worse.

Originally, the forts and keeps gave the enemy team a huge chunk of XP, which would go right into widening the level gap between teams… And anyone here knows that once a team gets far enough ahead in levels, then the chance of a comeback gets harder and harder.

The changes that you’re complaining about were made to remove the outright advantages gained from a lump of XP hitting the enemy level bar, but still make taking forts and keeps an advantage to the team that knocks them down and a problem for the team that lost them. The XP gain was spread out by giving a small bonus to the passive XP that both teams just naturally get every second, and also generated pressure for your opponents by now having a stronger wave.

The basic reason for these changes was the fact that the game is designed to be something where you must actually engage with the game if you expect to win. You have to be deliberate with your actions, use your resources wisely, coordinate with your team, and manage the situation at hand.

If you are not able to get either globe in a creep fight, I don’t think the problem is the mechanics… I think you’re getting bullied out of lane by a player forcing you out of lane like a player should do to their opponent. We can help you with that if you can give us details (what characters you play often, who you are up against, are you with allies or not)…

The catapults create lane pressure… Originally, at the start of the game, if both sides just sat still and let the waves just duke it out, the game is at a stalemate. There might be some wobble back-and-forth on the lanes due to some random glitch, but no towers will get damaged and none of the gates come down. The players are the ones that can alter the balance by killing minions and using abilities to push… Now, if the outer defenses fall, that adds a Catapult to the waves periodically, and as a result starts a very slow and very manageable erosion of that same lane. In order to balance it BACK, you have to take the enemy tower in that lane, send a hero to push the lane back, or pull a creep wave to counter-balance.

The ultimate reality is that, if you are really getting bullied out of the lane you’re in so you can’t get the globes, and if you’re also losing forts, you’re likely just not putting the right priorities on the right things to earn victory… Without details, the response really just has to be ‘git gud’, because you have to learn the basics of the game. Otherwise, if you give us details, maybe we can help you.

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imagine typing this much in response, I stopped reading after the first sentence, invest in TLDR

Well, this certainly demonstrates why you find yourself so far behind in matches so often. The ability to process incoming information is pretty important in HotS.


If you cannot bring yourself to have the concentration to actually explore what is being said on a forum, I have a harder time believing that you were genuinely bullied out of position by a better player… and more likely that you are easily distracted to the point where you can’t focus on a game.

You have an opportunity to actually get help on improving as a player. We can’t force you to take it, but assuming that you are right in the face of a good chunk of veteran players is quite a few things… but ‘smart’ is not one of them.


Where did I say I was bullied out of position?

People responding in this thread are full of assumptions :frowning:

Why would I want help from a silver league player, Max? You know you can look up peoples ranks?

the accuracy of that is… uh, poor.

I was Diamond in ranked and was platinum on Hotslogs for a while whne hotslogs was at it’s peak.

you can call that a small difference, BUT, that’s placing me probably ~10% lower percentile than I actually was at the time.

Meanwhile, now there is less data and accuracy is more suspect… so it is even less accurate :frowning:

That being said, they might well be Silver. I have never tried to see if it is accurate or not on heroesprofile, which i presume is where you are looking.

the problem is, based on what I have read (I have mostly skimmed it) you don’t seem to be actively listen/read what people are trying to tell you.

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