Most fun I had in a while

Okay guys, I just had the weirdest (and funniest) game in a while.

QM, Cursed Hollow

Anduin (me), Hanzo, Zuljin, Chogall


Kharazim, Jaina, Lunara, Tassadar, Muradin

I have never seen before how you can literally 5 mins go 5v5 mid. I know I have tendency to exaggerate, but this time I am not. Both teams did nothing for 5 mins except 5v5 headbutt mid.

I pinged lanes (and typed in chat) repeatedly, but nobody even tried. People died every now and then – no problem, mount up, go mid, continue. Yes, on both teams. Eventually (and right as the second tribute spawned), we got mid fort and pushed a bit, but after CG died 2 times in a row, they considered their life choices and went somewhere else.

The rest of the match went similarly odd. Our Hanzo was the most aggressive I have ever seen, using his trait to jump into 5 people to get some damage in. Cho – I am sure – deactivated health bars, otherwise he would not have run into the enemy team all the time while at 20%. On the other hand, he was never alone, as Hanzo and Zuljin were more than happy to join, as apparently they were unaware of the concept of clicking away from the enemy.

Highlight (and nail in the coffin) was the Tassadar that tried to steal our boss. How did he do it? Throw a psionic storm, float onto the point with Dimensional Shift, then throw Force Wall – which he completely misplaced and locked himself in with all of us while locking his own team out. Thank you Tassadar, I know you are out there.

Reminded me of this Carbot here (watch the very end / outro): HeroStorm Ep 45 Knives to See You - YouTube
how do i embed youtube videos

To my honest surprise it was a win, which I did not expect from the first minutes. Easy MVP for me with 0 death while everyone else went with 5+.

THIS is why I play QM.


Just go soak. Yeah, you’re a healer, but… just go soak. If your team is to boneheaded to do so.

And, congratulations on winning the super fun game!


Could hardly agree more.


Nah. Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow, despite better judgment. I considered it for a while, but I am sure my team would have just died.

Thanks. In the end, I don’t think i would’ve minded a loss, it was just too awesome.


Those are the best games! :smiley:
Rather lose a good and exciting game than win a stomp.

Well, if I’m on a losing spree, i might take an easy win, but generally rather have good games.


Send replay.

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well hey, if the enemy isn’t soaking either then at least you won’t fall behind for not soaking q:

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Yep. It’s why I stayed with the team.

If you have Discord installed you can do the following:

It’s super fast and effective.

Just upload the file, paste the link on the forums and should act as the download link for the file.

Other than that, you can always try File hosting service, most notable one is Google Drive.

Drop the file, then share a link to it, easy as that.


If only there was a thread where one could post links to replays uploaded to discord, google drive, dropbox or whatever else service available.


SamiSha back at it again with them lessons! :facepunch:


I used google drive, hope that works…

First person from our team somewhere else than mid at 4:35
Returning mid at 5:21
Cho’Gall dying and finally going somewhere else at 5:35
Tassadar doing a stupid starting at 18:05

All in replay time, not match time.

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There is a .StormReplay file now in my download folder, guess that works just fine :wink:

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Happy to hear that.
Feel free to follow the Hanzo around a bit and check how he’s into fighting. A real man.

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The fascinating thing with QM is that it sometimes manage to make horrible mudmatches kinda fun when you look back at it.


“lanes pls”. Whenever i got to say it, and especially repeat, i know it´s up for a ride. Getting the mid-Fort down at 3:30 is pretty nifty though.

That Hanzo getting pulled, running back, getting poulled again and trying straight again is plain hillarious.

A wonderful chaos that game.

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To add to this, I’ve noticed people are more likely to head to their lanes when they see their healer isn’t heal botting them anymore.

That was more of a joke on my side, as there was no real danger.
But damn, I knew there was something I forgot to timestamp.


Happy to hear you all are having fun.

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