When people call you trash then you get MVP

i took stagedive on ETC once in ARAM
(against a very interrupty group with a knockback li ming,
mosh would have been nigh impossible)
and my team were giving me hell for it for the whole game,
until I WON THE GAME by stagediving the enemy low health core :smiley:


That’s called trolling, have a nice day


Pseudo-trolling. I’m never venomous or malicious, I’m just giving people something to talk about that’s a little bit ridiculous. I’m having a SMASHING day, thanks!

You can deal 10k dmg to a hero, 10k siege, and as long as you have zero deaths while the other players have some you’re likely to get MVP.
The MVP system is quite silly, and I take it with a grain of salt.

+1 to unorthodox play though.

I just assumed the OP was RPing BfA Sylvanas.

I miss the interesting Wrath Sylvanas. :frowning:


Sorry to break your bubble miss carry but MVP doesn’t mean that you’re good.

Woah, firstly, I didn’t insult anyone. I’m getting really good at being couth.

Examples? Why does everyone need examples all of a sudden? Even if I did post the entire game, nobody is going sit down and watch the full playthrough game of some random non-youtuber.

And it was only one person on my team who was talking smack to me and he was the friend of a friend who had just taken a break. This guy had never seen my Sylvanas before and hes like “You aren’t doing this and that and dudududu, and I’m not going to waste my time with you in my party anymore.”

And breh, you can get mvp and still soak/siege/jungle. I dont have a clue where you got that notion. My Sylvanas chases down kills all the time and that’s why it has a 61.1% winrate at 1,573 games, and 21,714 career takedowns(on this account, which is my third)

As plenty of people have said before me, getting MVP doesn’t necessarily mean you were the best player.

…That being said, I rarely if ever see the worst player on a team get MVP; a far more common sight is the team feeder taking a short break from towerdiving to trashtalk the player on the team with the lowest amount of deaths.

Whatever reality you live in, I hope it’s one where forcing the fifth fight when behind on xp is less of an indicator of skill to you than getting MVP.

We already have plenty of those in the forums which take their posts seriously. We don’t need more that is meant to give you a laugh at others expense.

lets open a thread and tell everyone how good i’am and how hard i carried…oh they want a proof of that? They’re not my opinion…mhm…lets just tell them i made this thread “for fun” and “I was just trolling”

OP in a nutshell

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The whole MVP screen means nothing. These are empty statistics.


There’s a whole thread for replays, where randos checking the playthroughs of other “non-youtuber” randos.

And I never saw a case where in a thread ppl asked for replays and when they got it, no one checked it.

So… feel free :slight_smile:

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Replay or you’re not as good as you say you are. scared to show us how trash you are?

butters popcorn

A murky or Azmo can push and get 15 deaths and get MVP.
Brightwing can go polymorph build and just spam it on a Tank who lives each time and get MVP for silence time.

MVP doesnt mean anything

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Yeah people who focus on stats and MVP are the ones doing it wrong. The only metric that means a damn is takedown participation and deaths imo.

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HotS like any moba is a team oriented game. If you are not taking into consideration where your team is at all times and what you can do to assist your team as a unit to gain a game advantage over the other team, you are in fact going at it from a pure QM perspective, I.E. looking out for number 1, yourself.

When you look at old HGC videos and notice how they are played, you won’t see any 1 player going for individual focus.

Players who go into games and seek out how to be top score/mvp tend to always go against their team as a whole. Not to mention certain heroes just naturally attain MVP anyway just for playing them. It isn’t a game changing factor nor is it something people should focus on, and therefore care about. It is unproductive.

While I show off how tech-inept I am (trying to figure out how to upload a replay to this site. downloaded a bunch of google apps, I’ll figure it out eventually) I wanted to clarify to the dozen people or so just repeating “MVP doesn’t mean all that much” I mostly agree with you. It is possible for a trash player to get MVP just because the healer saved their butt a bunch of times letting them outlived their teammates.

However, my original statement saying I hard-carried was not because I got MVP. In fact it’s the reverse. I played well so I got MVP. Though I will admit I wasn’t trying to get or expecting to get MVP, I’ll take it. It is OK to get MVP, guys and gals. Don’t be MVP shaming (if that is even a thing.)

Your thread sounds more and more like you just want digital back pats.


right? no scoreboard screenshot or replay either. Just wants us to take their word for it lmao.

I’ve won games where the most useless person on my team got MVP. Basically, the Gazlowe that ignored all objectives, never pushed anything, and just laned all game and the other team ignored him because he was so bad they didn’t need to stop him. To contrast, I often also get MVP in games I lose because I dominate the other team for the first 10-12 minutes of the game until my terrible 4 teammates that are 3-28 have made it impossible for me to fight the other team as i’m 3 levels down and they start grouping.

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