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Player List of Known Issues: July 2019 ( 2 3 ) (46)

This is a Player generated list of known issues from the older version of the forums. Posting here so we don’t lose track. Note: MVPs are just other players, not Blizzard staff! This is not an official Blizzard post. If…

Things That Are NOT Bugs ( 2 ) (39)

“Migration from Old Forums” Since I see so many of the same exact posts for the same exact “bugs” that are not bugs, here’s a short list of things that are NOT BUGS so don’t post about it. Will be updated. Handy Link …

How to Write a Good Bug Report (3)

Greetings Heroes, Welcome to Diablo III Bug Report Forums! To get started on this forum, please read through this guide as it explains some Do’s and Don’t’s for bug testing and reporting. Ground Rules Feedback is NO…

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