[H] <Problematic> Wed/Thur 7-9 PST 7/8 Heroic

Vault of Incarnates 7/8 Heroic

The Small Lie:
Problematic is a guild, community and halfway house made up of recently released guests of the state and returning heroic and mythic raiders.

We are now in Dragon flight and will be raiding, mythic +, and we will still be mercilessly “chirping” at each other in Discord.

During Dragon Flight we will be an AOTC focused raid guild (Heroic) and will move into Mythic if we have the raid size to do so until the next raid tier comes out.

Raid Times: Wednesday and Thursday 7pm to 9pm PST

Ranged: Boomkin, Mage, Elemental Shaman, Warlock, Hunter

Contact: Wedgezilla#1953 (Battle Net) Crunx#2635 (Discord)

The Big Lie:
I’ll spare you the guild start up story where everyone in the guild dated the same girl back in High School and now, we are all best friends that hang out and play WoW together.

Instead, I’ll tell you how to apply and get invited to the guild.

Step 1: Review your warcraft logs and determine if you are slightly above average (or HIGHER!).

Step 2: Contact the GM aka. El Jefe (Battle Net: Wedgezilla#1953) or (Discord: Crunx#2635)

Step 3: Listen to him ramble on about raid logs, cats, spirit cooking, and guild culture.

Step 4: Lie to him about how awesome your parses are, how you execute mechanics flawlessly, and your sunny disposition after a full night of raid wiping (but seriously, no one wants to play with a complainer after we wipe a few times to a boss).

Step 5: If you hit all those high points and can chew with your mouth shut and mic turned off, you’ll probably be invited.

Step 6: Leave your current cesspool guild and join us.

We have an incredibly short raid time that has little room for shenanigans and tomfoolery. We are wheels up right at 7:00pm sharp. Come prepared to raid with all your stuff, because we are not some hippy commune handing out raid supplies and banging on Tambourines waiting around for people.

Looking to join Rekkless#11361

Dragonflight Pre-patch Date: Don’t Know
Dragonflight Release Date: 28-Nov-2022

With the fastest selling video game/expansion (World of Warcraft: Shadowlands) in the history of video games coming to an end in the next 49 days let’s have a moment of silence to remember all those who left the game…

Ok, we are still looking for decent players and somewhat respectable people for a heroic raid team.

Looking for a tank?

The holiday season is finally here and we will all be playing the assuredly “highly-acclaimed” expansion Dragonflight soon. Until then we get to play the slightly scuffed pre-patch 10.0 with semi functional talent trees littered with bugs undocumented features.
So, while we all laugh/cry off the bumpy road to launch, feel free to hit us up for heroic raiding in DF.

So, I’m sitting back with my beer stein filled with rum and a splash of eggnog looking over recruitment posts for the upcoming Dragonflight expansion for a semi-decent fit. If you want to save my liver and hours of drunken babble, go ahead and hit up Crunxi (Wedgezilla#1953 (Battle Net) Crunx#2635 (Discord)) to join for AOTC raiding.

Still looking for wage-slaves buff-bots DPS to fly me around the Dragon Isles for dungeon runs, heroic raiding and leveling MY professions. Please inquire within.

Alright, we are two weeks into grinding Obsidian Citadel “super rares”, plodding along in Mythic 0’s (seriously…Training Matrix instead of actual loot?!?!), and chain exploding our your profession tables. We have a few more days before the raid actually opens up and we start our gear chasing and parse *******, so feel free to hit us up for the few last spots in the raid.

The holidays are sooo close to behind us and…

  1. I’m out of cheap whiskey.
  2. The family members have been kicked out of the house.
  3. We downed ⅜ Heroic before the holidays.

Where does this leave us? Well, I need some more cheap whiskey, more raiders (ranged and a super awesome healer), and more raids!

Tired of listening to your fellow guild members yammering about recrafting orders, favorite dragon riding mounts, and meaningless talent tree choices? Stuck in ⅜ Heroic with zero chance of progressing (Sure, its soul draining)? Why not become my new best friend (So I can ditch last weeks old best friends) and join us me as we I continue our my march through the last two bosses in Heroic Vaults.