[H] <Crimson Brotherhood> a home for returners, raiders, and Mythic+


Ladies and gents, we are small group of friends that have been hammering down together for a number of years and FINALLY decided to up and make our own guild.

We are active in Mythic+, with groups running all ranges of keys and our highest group currently hanging around the 14-17 key mark.

We are looking for cool people to hang out with. Gear and experience aren’t an issue.

You’re more than welcome if you’re new or returning from a break or you’re just looking to get in on some keys and get some loot with a fun group of people. We don’t take much seriously (we joke around a ton during keys) and are looking to grow a community that is based on helping each other.

We are forming a raid team for Shadowlands and looking to add quality players of any role with an emphasis on ranged dps and healers. Raids currently will be saturdays @ 9pm EST but we haven’t completely fleshed out our raid schedule as of yet (we plan on working it out with the team to find good times for everyone). The plan is to use these raids to build cohesiveness and morale headed into the expansions raid content.

If you’re having a hard time finding some quality people to hang with or are just looking for a fresh start hit me up on BNET and we’ll get you situated.


Bump always taking in returning players and helping get them back into the swing of things. Especially the sigadonski.

Hi! I’m one of the many people coming back for Shaflowlands. I haven’t really played since early WoD but have a lot of raiding experience as a tank or heals. I’m planning on playing a tank of melee dps class but am not married to any class or spec yet. I love most PvE aspects of the game, especially raiding, though I’m excited to see what these Mythics are all about.

I live on the west coast of the US (PST or GMT -8) and play mainly in the evenings. I’m willing to transfer servers cause I know literally no one on my current server. Hope you have room for me! Cheers!

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Oh yeah, my b tag is kolefrsh2dth#1841

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Added! Welcome to the guild!

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Bump still looking for all you returning players looking for a home. Friendly atmosphere, helpful people, and keys. Lots of keys.

Bump We’re always looking for some cool people to join up and hammer down with us!

Updated main post for recruitment.

What classes do you need for raid?

We’re currently in need of tanks of any variety and healers. We have big DPS already but will add anyone who can compete as well. For keys we just need a second tank or heals for a second group. HMU on bnet if you’re interested.