Grouping in the Shadowlands

With a hotfix to the game that was applied a little while ago, we’ve removed a setting that was restricting players’ ability to consistently see and interact with others in their group in the four Shadowlands zones and the introductory Maw.

Now, as before in Battle for Azeroth, joining a group should bring you to the party leader’s perspective. Players who are in and out of War Mode will remain separate, as always.

An exception that remains is the max-level version of the Maw. Players in the max-level Maw may not immediately be able to see one another when joining a party. However, leaving the max-level Maw (to Oribos) and returning should bring members of a party together.




I like how you left the restriction in for max level Maw to further empathize how bad it is.


Not sure why that was implemented that way, but seems odd to me.


Maybe something related to the zone having a max and non max version.

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Thank you! Had a very sour experience discovering this feature, very thankful to see it reverted.


Thank you very much!

Well, thankfully there is this fix. I was so frustrated earlier that I logged off and did not bother coming back on to play. I’m definitely not a great player… I wont lie, but I have always enjoyed doing content even if I usually need help. I have a feeling that I wont be bothering to much with the Max-Level Maw if what I have experienced while doing the storyline is going to be any of the same.


No, still broken. I tried going to Oribos, logging out, remaking the group. Still can’t play together. If I wanted a singleplayer game, I’d go play one.


Thank god this was reverted. We shouldnt have stuff like this impede a MMO_RPG game @ all. Just thankful I can group up and complete rares and wanted quests with my fellow Azerothians.

Hope this doesnt make my experience in the Maw terribad. We shall see. SMDH. :expressionless:


Thank you, now please never EVER do this again.

If you don’t like us realm hopping then please don’t have rares that have stupidly long respawns with shocking drop rates on top of being able to only be looted once per day and people wouldn’t feel the need to “realm hop” so much.

Please stop trying to nerf anything and everything that makes this game fun and playable. I honestly don’t know how much more I can take before I walk away from this game for good. Railroading players in to narrow gameplay isn’t fun and is a far reach from what the game once was.

The mindset that led you to implement this in the first place is what really worries me.


Thank you, that’s awesome.

My wife and I were playing on our own, realized we were talking about the exact same place so decided to group up, and should have been standing next to each other… and couldn’t see each other or join the same phase without going all the way back to Oribos. It seemed like a bug, or we hoped it was, so either way I’m glad it’s not an issue anymore.


This kind of hotfix usually requires you to reboot the game or at the minimum relog because your settings don’t actively change during a hotfix, just the server side.

How about remove forced CRZ and Sharding, you know so people can see, meet and play with the people from their own realms.


I agree, this is a terrible change. But they gotta stretch out our subscription in any way they can.

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funny how some of these “intended features” sure seem like bugs…


Ty for fixing this. My wife will be happy to see it!


So it won’t be fixed in the maw? 10 days left on my sub. I wonder if I can call my bank and get a chargeback for SL


I was perplexed by the whole…you’re in the wrong phase…meet up in Oribos to phase together.


Made my day. Thank you.

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