Free Character Transfers – Wrath of the Lich King Classic

Hey all,

In preparation for the launch of Cataclysm Classic, we will be closing our low-population realms. To prepare for this we are going to be opening Free Character Moves from these realms to other, higher population realms. We are also going to be utilizing the technology introduced recently in Season of Discovery to allow each of our destination realms to hold a far higher number of players than was previously possible.

|Old Blanchy|----->|Mankrik|
|Old Blanchy|----->|Pagle|
|Old Blanchy|----->|Atiesh|

If you are currently playing on one of the source realms, we’d encourage you to make preparations to move as soon as you are able to do so. We will be moving all remaining characters on these realms to a new destination at some point after the launch of Cataclysm Classic. Moving your character before launch will allow you to have a choice of where you end up, so we’d encourage you to do so as soon as possible.


I’ve been waiting for this.

I wanted to say RIP to Earthfury. This post is written not for most who read it, but for myself and anyone who enjoyed Earthfury in its heyday. What a ride, it was fun!

I’ve got lots of screenshots and will remember the experience almost 20 years down the line just as I do with the Retail server Dragonmaw still, even though that Retail server still kind of exists, but what it was nearly 20 years ago does not.

It was interesting to see Earthfury persist to Wrath and have a bit of a second life.

Hopefully Blizzard doesn’t shut down the Era Earthfury too which will end the name but just merges it with the big Era cluster if they want to do that.


Now as a comment for those who liked their smaller servers, especially those that still do have players: Ashkandi, Old Blanchy, Windseeker and Westfall: I feel for you

Although a lot of the trolls of the forums, who do not value the server experience at all, don’t get it because they only play for fast groups, class rotation, gear, parses, or whatever other self-centered reason they play for, some of us do get it. So I wanted to say that hopefully, your experience on those servers was as awesome as mine was on mine.

Blizzard has said flat out that the parents of young children who rage over next to nothing (not finding a quick group) are the target group that they want to keep subscribed, and they don’t care at all about server community, or the people who do, and that means that only mega servers should exist. So this is what we’ve got.


Is there going to be a way to transfer our guilds?


I need to do this too please

What about our names, if you’ve had your name since the original re-launch are you just SoL being forced to move?


Welp, I’m done. time to unsub, lol


Yep. I hope you picked something unique.

Blizzard does not care about the name thing. Good luck getting anything decent on a 4.5 year old server that already has a large pop.

You’re expected to name yourself something bizarre or use odd character letters and you’re expected to not care.

No, guilds cannot be moved. This wasn’t changed when the 22 servers were closed for Wrath so it’s unlikely to happen here.


So is there an option to transfer over guilds for this? The guild I’m in has a guild bank that is gold capped. How do we transfer everything over?


Seems lazy not to just merge them and tag peoples names with the realm like they eventually did for retail.


Is the 25,000 gold limit per character on a server transfer still in effect? Or is it going to be raised/removed because these servers are being closed/merged?

Windseeker is the only ‘balanced’ server in the game, and these idiots want to close it…
Why not just merge the lower pop servers into a single medium/larger pop server instead of forcing us into the mega-servers?

Seems like Blizz is being Blizz again and completely screwing the pooch on something they could have thought out a lot better.


You guys SERIOUSLY left out Bloodsail Buccaneers. I had all the hope in the world after Aggrends tweet and y’all still managed to screw it up. NOBODY PLAYS THERE ANYMORE. I literally logged in, right now, and there are 20 people in Dalaran, AND ONLY 41 LVL 80’S IN THE WORLD in an Alliance dominated server. Add 9 people since I decided to take the time, hearth, and go count all the horde as well because theres barely any. This server is dead. Give us transfers.


Ashkandi and Seeker are well balanced I wish they’d just merge the two if anything


Hell you know what, ill take a look at public logs even. 8 logs for April 9th on BSB (7 technially, 2 from same raid), 60+ on Pagle. Absolutely stupid.


They could have done the “connected” realms instead of closing realms as they did in Era, which would have fixed both naming and guild concerns, however, they won’t.

There is even a twitter from Fwoibles on March 29th 2024 saying that they don’t ever plan to do that again. I get your name frustration though. I hated losing mine after a transfer more than I thought I would.


Are we able to swap factions as well? Some of the servers are already imbalanced. I don’t want to be forced from the “low pop” server that has a good faction representation to a ghost town in our time zone.


I think they should have changed naming conventions years ago to have non-unique “first names” and then a unique “family name” for your account or something.

Imagine if they tried to force people to have unique name IRL.