Goodbye westfall, best server

so the joke since the beginning was that west fall was dying. well, it never died . raids kept going the community grew even more in wrath but blizzard decided if the community wouldn’t kill it. they would .

its been a fun ride. everyone with friends now going to other server. some of us will probably have our alts on different servers as different guilds we play with go to different servers.

what a ride. I salute you west fall.


Westfall will be missed. :sob:


Good bye wrath classic. It has been fun. Nice knowin yah. Now I will never be able to play wrath classic ever again because blizzard doesn’t want to allow folks to clone their toons to permanent wrath classic servers so they can have both cata and wrath.

So goodbye wrath classic. I will miss yah.


I had fun with yall till i xfered off mid TBC, yall keep it classy

/salute. I still miss Kromcrush

Should put this is the westfall section.

Not gonna lie, ive never understood this urge of ppl for keeping servers on life support still going.
But after ive spend many hours on beta, very frequently talking to and encountering same ppl in zones, archeing, dungeons questing etc. I gotta admit that this feeling of small community of pll that know eachother kinda grows on me.
So i support your case my guy.

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Should put it here

I feel like wow in general is on life support anyways. Blizzard legit has nothing really new to speak of.

War within seems cool. But they do twitch drops for ratings and stuff like that. Alot of the stuff is re released and old. Which rakes in views.

I mean, I personally was never on westfall. I was on kirtonos and then transffered to sulfuras, which is now dead. Then to another live server, which is still live right now. Not really playing because blizz won’t do permanent wrath. Like I just want to do both.

Blizzard is coming up with all sorts of gimmicks and marketing strats to keep the game generally speaking alive anyways. In my op, wow has been on life support for a long time now.

Maybe the reason because most of the Horde players left the sever months ago and hardly any are on this one

Sorry – Silly question but have they released the status of where servers will either die, merge, etc for Cata? I apologize if I missed that somewhere.

Free Character Transfers – Wrath of the Lich King Classic - WoW Classic / Wrath of the Lich King Classic Discussion - World of Warcraft Forums (

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Thank you for the link and update!

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