Wrath Servers LOCKED or HIGH Population

What is going on?

welcome to megaserver’s only wow.


They will be shutting down the realms with a locked status sometime after cata’s launch, and consolidating them into the remaining realms (Faerlina, Benediction, Whitemane, Pagle, Mankrik, and Atiesh).

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There is no “sometime after Catas Launch”
They already did it. Go log in and select servers. :slight_smile:

They didn’t already do the shutting down part. The servers that are going to be shut down are locked to new character creation for what are hopefully obvious reasons. You can currently free-transfer off of them if you play there.

If you don’t free-transfer off before they are shut down, they will then automatically transfer everyone remaining to another server that they don’t get to choose.


the only problem i see with this is that they will boost all the destination realms to high and cause long login cues.
but its either my choice now or theirs after cata launch, so gotta move some characters

And the same day the automatic transfers happen, 20 forum topics will pop up about how people decided to resub on the same day and their characters are “missing” because they don’t know what server they are on and they need a new server transfer because it didnt transfer them where they wanted.

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that or people will complain because they didn’t have enough time to decide where to go because they only play once a week for 20 minutes and didn’t see the announcement and now they don’t like the server they got placed on

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