Free Character Transfers – Wrath of the Lich King Classic

From what i understand BSB is RP, they didnt mention any RP server and they are even only merging PvE with PvE and PvP with PvP.

Usually RP servers are left untouched cause keeping the same people around is more important than on regular servers.

As a matter of fact, even if they wanted to merge RP servers, if they follow the “only pve with pve and only pvp with pvp” rule there is only 1 PvE RP server in US, Bloodsail Buccaneers.


Theres no gold limit on free transfers.

From this article here: Blizzard Support - Character Migration Information and Restrictions (

  • You can transfer a character of any level, there is no minimum level requirement on free transfers
  • You can transfer a character that was recently transferred, the free transfer ignores transfer cooldowns
  • You can use the paid transfer service anytime after a free transfer, as the free transfer does not apply a transfer cooldown
  • There is no limit to the gold you can bring with your character
  • When transferring a dead Hardcore character, the mailbox content will be deleted, including mails from the Auction House
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It’s been a long ride since late Aug. 2019. Somewhat sad to see the death of a gonebye era.

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For $30 in the shop.

RIP Windseeker. We had a good run, clinging to life for years as Blizzard would never give our forsaken realm free transfers… basically left to rot by Blizzard. We always managed to get by, basically on life support, but now the plug is being pulled.

This is basically the final insult for classic, crusade, and wrath. After being horrendous with realms for years, now they finally do something they refused to do all that time when it would have been more helpful. This is clearly only being done for cataclysm’s benefit, which they apparently care more about than any of the games before it.

Edit: Updated because we were a transfer destination before, but it really didn’t help our population because we were competing with mega realms, also a target for free transfers. Not going to argue over semantics.


Thank you!

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What about accounts that come off a ban after the cata release?

Im perfectly aware of how server merges work. However they didn’t specifically talk about RP/PVE/PVP with their initial posts. They talked about LOW POP realms. Which BSB is extremely low population, hell even the RP guilds are basically dead. The public discord is barren and that was majorly used by the RP community.

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“We are also going to be utilizing the technology introduced recently in Season of Discovery to allow each of our destination realms to hold a far higher number of players than was previously possible”

LAG with a side of LAG and big helping of “SErVer is CurRentLy FuLL please wait 10 days to LoG in”


basically if you’re in one of the “big” servers

DO NOT EXPECT TO PLAY on pre patch and release…

thanks for the warning…


I don’t think it’s so much this.

Blizzard basically closed Chaos Bolt on SoD, an RP PVP server where people were enjoying the community. It was done for the benefit of those who want to find fast pugs at 3am. The free transfers given were to the other RP PVP server and later to the other RP PVE server as well.

That was even said in a rather condescending X tweet.

So no Blizzard does not care about or understand the players on RP servers any better than anyone else. In fact, they think that ALL players value finding unplanned groups over EVERYTHING else. That’s what the condescending X tweet said.

However, this is correct. BSB is the only RP PVE server. That’s why it’s staying.

If people dislike BSB then they can reroll or pay to transfer.


Okay, I go to my login screen for WotLK Classic On the lower left side are three buttons: Shop, AddOns, and Menu. If I click on Shop and then Services on the subsequent window, then big button for Free Character Transfer. It brings up another window where I can select a character for the realm my login screen was on along with a destination realm. Seems straightforward enough. However, the missus doesn’t seem to have the ‘Shop’ button on her login screen. I’ve tried to find the free realm transfer on the regular web page but it only seems to have retail and classic_era options. Could use some advise so we can both get our toons onto the server of our choice.

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What happens to guild banks?


It has bee a very long time since I have ever been vocal on the wow forums and felt I should post my two cents on this even though you will completely ignore it. I think you are making a very big mistake here Blizzard with this decision, why shut down servers? You could just merge the low pop servers into the mediums instead. Windseeker for example is one of the closest 50/50 server you even have on the east coast for Horde and Alliance population. Even though we are a low medium server, you are shutting it down when you do not need to. If you are going to merge servers just give us connected realms which was a feature in Cataclysm and let us keep our realms, or better yet, just create a new server so we can all pick new names that we can migrate to.


Unacceptable to force this change AND not allow gbank transfers. Just RIP 40k gold from every guild?

Also, some of these servers are fine!? Ashkandi is healthy and while the balance isn’t great (1:4) its literally better balanced than any of the transfer options we have.

I try not to complain about most things, but this really feels like a slap in the face.


rip Ashkandi.

This feels capital and harsh… let alone unnecessary.


Dragonflight not doing as bad as Shadowlands, Meltzen showing up again, and WoW returning to China seems to have already gotten to their heads. That’s too many W’s for them so they have but no choice to balance it with L’s by not keeping Wrath Era servers, choosing instead this hamfisted server contraction, and introducing their late-to-the-game FOMO chasing battle royale.


Bloodsail Buccaneers needs to be on this list. That servers dead.


As pointed out above, there is no realm available for BSB to merge with. It is the only RP non-PvP realm in the US.


not too sure why people are getting annoyed with transfers and what not. nothing really changes except the name. i dont see much of the big dealz