When is the official cut off for choice of server Xfer?

Is there an official day when they are forcing server Xfers? I know they say “the launch” but to me the whole shattering April 30th is essentially the launch of the expan as everything changes.
But May 20th also sounds like “the launch” as the lvl cap expands and the full expan become playable.
Can someone please confirm when the official cut off is for choice of new server?
#want to gather while I still have the opportunity


If I had to guess, it’s likely gonna be when pre-patch happens on the 30th, since that’s already going to have everything in it for Cata, just has to be unlocked when the time comes on the 20th of May, not the 30th just fyi

Would be nice to know for sure when the limit ends, since farming mats on a 100% dead server in preparation for Cata is really nice.

My friend was able to get the Timelost Proto drake and I was able to get some nice rare spawn pet for my hunter, now trying to farm time lost proto too since why not? I’m always alone in the zone and mines are everywhere its like a paradise, better profit from this since I won’t be alone on Pagle. lol

Man, I gotta say, in your position, I’d do the exact same thing, I can’t even be mad lmao

Logic would dictate that they’d probably do the move on pre-patch day, with the update, I would think it would make the most sense to do the forced transfers then, but I don’t really know. I’d call it safe and do it on Monday if it were me.


The post, which unless someone else has something to link, is all we have to go by as far as I am aware, doesn’t give any specific information or an official cutoff date.

It states:

If someone has any additional information, please link. Otherwise, it looks like that’s all we have to go by for the time being.



Thanks for all the input guys, really appreciate it. I think I’m going to Xfer in the next few days to avoid any of the Blizz nonsense that always seems to occur when big changes are made. I cannot trust them to do things right or smoothly anymore.

Some server destinations may not be available once too many people transfer to them. Do not be mad if you don’t get your choice

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I remember last time some guy was complaining because he wanted to transfer to grobbulus and that wasn’t a free transfer choice, so he didnt pick to “protest” and they put him on the lowest pop option, and he was mad they didnt decide to put him on Whitemane (highest pop free choice) xD

Im sure it will be a “surprise” on pre-patch or the fallowing week once they find out the whole pre-patch didnt crash the whole system.

I mean in my case there is no danger for that I already transfer all of my character, only this one is left since I want to farm mats and hunt for rares, so even if somehow I can no longer transfer him to Pagle, its whatever wouldn’t be a big lost. lol

I think as long as you already have a character at your destination server, you should be fine, I’m still able to make a new character on Azuresong despite it being locked, as I left one character over there after transferring the rest. It’s a level 1 so I’m just gonna end up deleting it, but I hadn’t yet, for science purposes.

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