How do I find which characters are on an account if it is INACTIVE?

Is there a way to find out which characters are on which account without an active sub?

IE… Wow1, Wow2, Wow3, Wow4. If they don’t have a sub how do I find out what characters I have on those account before I choose which one to RE- ACTIVATE?

EDIT. I DO not have wow live installed as I do not play Retail. I want to find a specific character across my 4 accounts. They would have been played during WOTLK.

On retail you could just log in. On classic of course you would need a sub. The item restoration system would give you a list of characters. I do not know if it is by license, but it would show servers.


How does one get to item restoration on an inactive account for cata classic?


It does sort by WoW licenses and shows Classic characters as well.


Thank you. You gentlemen are cool dudes no matter what they say.


You’re welcome.


Also, if your characters are on the following realms (listed on left side on the list), then you will need to utilize the Free Character Transfers and move them to one of the destination realms (listed on right) if you intend to play them and wish to have a choice in where they are moved.


One more thought. If you did not uninstall the games, your character information should still be listed client side on your drive. It would show accounts under the Warcraft Text Folder, each variant of the game having it’s own install path.


For reference, you have a level 70 Blood Elf Paladin on Eranikus and level 68 Orc Warlock on Whitemane in Cataclysm Classic on WoW#1. A bunch of level 1s and a few low level characters.

Your named account has a bunch of higher level characters on Cataclysm Classic, 3 level 70’s on Whitemane two Tauren Druid, and a Blood Elf Paladin and various other higher level characters on Grobbulus, Whitemane and some lower level on Faerlina.

If you need more info and you don’t mind character names being posted, I can provide a basic list. Probably just for your WoW#1 and your named WoW licenses, since the other two don’t have any classic characters on it.


I figured it out through item restoration. I was looking for characters I played in WOTLK.

Are we able to transfer characters from account to account in cata classic?


No, it’s not currently an option for Classic. The article still needs to be updated to say Cataclysm and not Wrath, but it currently applies.

The Character Transfer service allows you to move a character to another Wrath of the Lich King Classic progression realm only.

It is not possible to transfer a Wrath of the Lich King Classic character to another WoW account or account.


Could we have this reconsidered? The initial restriction was due to the accounts containing boosts. Since boosts are now available as a separate paid option in the in-game store, I believe it’s worth revisiting this decision and potentially lifting the restriction. Thank you

Certainly, but Customer Support doesn’t make policy or change game functionality. If you have feedback or would like to see something changed, you’ll want to direct your feedback to our Game Developers.

Posting in the Classic Forum General Discussion and/or submitting a suggestion through the in-game option located in the Support Menu.