Free Character Transfer for realms in Wrath classic

There’s really not enough for them to do that even if everyone merged onto one server.

Sure there is. If everyone starts going for one server, even if that destination realm doesn’t hit a theoretical maximum it can support, Blizzard may still decide they rather have the active population balanced out over more servers and decide to turn off that transfer. You don’t know the exact limits Blizzard has set or what exactly they intend to do, so the safer option is to assume the free transfer may end at any point for any specific destination realm and make a move earlier rather than later.

Will Blizzard do that? Unlikely, but they can.

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On the ‘blue’ thread, folks have mentioned concerns that this is a character transfer and not a guild transfer. I think they need to do some clarifying before moving forward on this.

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I’ve been trying to find answers to this, major bummer if my guild is just dismantled, all the bank tabs people spent time farming gold to earn gone, and nothing but a memory left.


What is this post even about. Are we able to transfer our toons to permanent wrath classic realms or something before cata classic comes out.

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No, its transfers from servers that blizzard is closing due to low population, to medium/high pop servers for Cata. There are NO perm wrath classic realms.

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Man I was so stoked for a moment. Nevermind then. Back to hating this company lol.


Old Blanchy horde should have been given a white mane option.

Looking at their options, their best horde out is an east coast horde server. Ping may take a hit. Atiesh is an alliance server.

Pve servers don’t have hidden massed players who don’t log submit for raid… We don’t have raider io for scoring system, yet.

Oh no… 99.99998 horde goes to 99.9999%. Anyway…


Yah. One of my mains is on old blanchy to. I am just waiting to be able to clone transfer him to permanent wrath classic realms and cata classic realms. But blizzard hates me. So it will probably never happen. Maybe it will though.

So how does one enable the free transfer to another sever. i know how to do it when I paid to transfer or do i “buy” the multipack and it comes up as a zero balance ???

Just go to ‘shop’ then ‘services’ and there is a free transfer option you can click on.

When will free transfers be available and how are they accessed? I only see options for paid transfers so far.

On the character select screen on the bottom left click shop then services. If your server has a free transfer it will show a free transfer. Click it then click buy. If your server doesnt have a free transfer you wont see it.

Git it. Many thanks!

They are available now.

Step 1: Log into game and go to character select screen. Ensure you are on a server with free transfers enabled.

Current WOTLK Servers that should be allowing FREE transfers:
Old Blanchy

(Pulled from
You can find Classic Era , Hardcore, and SOD realms here:

Step 2: Select Shop in the bottom Left Corner.

Step 3: Select Services
Click Free Character Transfer

Click “Buy Now” (It will be free - dont worry)

Fill out the information. Select Realm - Character - Check the Transfer Realm box - Select destination and continue.

The transfer is not always instant and may take some time.

When all is said and done, you should now be on your selected destination realm.

With free transfers, some restrictions are bypassed.

You can transfer a character of any level, there is no minimum level requirement on free transfers
You can transfer a character that was recently transferred, the free transfer ignores transfer cooldowns
You can use the paid transfer service anytime after a free transfer, as the free transfer does not apply a transfer cooldown
There is no limit to the gold you can bring with your character
When transferring a dead Hardcore character, the mailbox content will be deleted, including mails from the Auction House

Edit - I see you found his reply while I was typing this up. Hope it is of use to others.

Have the decision made prior to prepatch. If u dont. Then dont come here and blame blizzard because it took 3 weeks to discuss it.

Unless you’re stuck on bloodsail buccaneers. The decision is already made for you. And we’ve discussed it for months, hoping free transfers would be offered :pensive:

You said “Just go to ‘shop’ then ‘services’ and there is a free transfer option you can click on.” I went to Shop but did not find a Services link for " free transfer option". If you know how to get to that, please update your comment with a web link to that free transfer option page. I would also appreciate it if you know when free transfers will begin. I’ve logged into one of my Lich King characters periodically in case they might have sent free transfer tokens in game mail to move that character to a Cataclysm Classic server. So far that character hasn’t received such a token if they intend to do free transfers that way. I also have checked in the character window if “free transfer” would show in that window next to my Wrath King characters. No link there either. I’ve not been able to find out anything at all about the free transfers other than at some future point after Cataclysm launch they intend to provide those free transfers. If you know when that free transfer date will be, please post that in reply to my reply. I’m sure all players that would have characters affected by the change from Wrath King version of WoW to Cataclysm Classic. would like to know that date.

I found a pulldown menu for that on that page “Blizzard Customer Support cannot provide Free Character Transfers.” labelled “How to Start a Free Migration”. It’s done in the character selection window. Evidently free transfers are available now to transfer to a Cataclysm Classic server. Here’s the web link: Blizzard Support - Character Migration Information and Restrictions (

I didn’t even think about free transfers. I was worried about getting locked or something like that in transit.

At this moment, I just want a way to clone and transfer characters to a permanent wrath classic realm.

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