Can't Restore Deleted Character(s) to Locked Realm - Sulfuras

Long story on how this occurred and don’t want to get into it. Anyway, I am trying to restore my main character to Sulfuras but I can’t for some reason. I’m getting the error: “There was a problem restoring your deleted character. Please try again later.”

Wanted to try out some cata classic and not really wanting to restart on a new character. Anything I can do about this? Apparently this was a bug and not intended as far as I’ve read into it. Thanks.

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In a nutshell you’re boned. Maybe a ticket but once locked, creation or restoration is not allowed.

Holy smokes. That’s brutal to hear. I’ll try a ticket I guess but aside from that, I assume I’ve gotta wait until the server becomes unlocked? I imagine this won’t be for awhile cause Cata Classic is populated as hell right now. Thanks for the reply I appreciate it.

That won’t happen as the Sulfuras server is being shut down entirely. It’s locked because they are forcing everyone off of it.

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oh god. Okay. So my character is going to be permanently deleted? How do I realm-transfer a deleted a character? This is crazy.

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I feel your pain, friend. I, too, have deleted characters only to later regret it and restore. A ticket may be all you can hope for.

Good luck! Hope they can help you with your issue.

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The only thing you really can do is put a ticket in and hope Blizzard will be able to help you out.

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Alright guys. Thanks for the heads up and suggestions. I’ve opened a ticket and praying they give my character back. Matter of fact, I’m hoping they give my hunter back as well. It’s a long story, lmao. Thank you all for the replies and stuff, I really do appreciate that.