Is anything going to be done to fix "Dead Server's"?!

I started playing Wotlk Classic when it first released, I play on a Server called “Skyfury” it was a new server made where everyone began fresh. I now have FOUR lvl 80’s on a dead server. I can only que for lfg 5 man groups cause good luck even finding another 5 players let alone 20 for a raid. I am now stuck either playing on a dead server or paying an extra 25 dollars on top of my already 15 dollar subscription to play a HUGE if not main part of the game, Raiding or seeing another player. This leaves a huge sour taste because even though I can afford 25 dollar character transfer it also leaves my other 3 character progression in the dust unless I pay another 75 Dollars! This is a horrible impression and I am wondering if anything is going to be done for other people in this position??

The only fix you will get is blizzard closing the server. But you can now transfer for free to another!


I know its not ideal for everyone, but atleast you won’t have to spend the $100 to move your 4 level 80’s.

There are free transfers, I’ll copy the last post where I told someone how to do it:

On the character select screen of Skyfury click the Shop button on the bottom left > Free character Transfer > Buy now (it’s no cost) > Select the character > Transfer realm > continue

Then pick Benediction for alliance or Faerlina for horde (the best bets at this point) or, alternatively, if you want a PST server and only if you are horde you can pick Whitemane.


Awesome thank you

Thank you! I could not figure this out for the life of me.

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