Cata Server Populations

Are the servers labeled “Full” not really full?

So, I’m on Benediction and I want to switch to Horde, but there seem to be zero Horde players and zero Horde guilds. How is this possible on 1 of only 2 PvP servers in US East with a future?

You missed Atiesh which was medium pop last I checked. Maybe you missed other servers too.


that server was won by Alliance, while Faerlina is nearly won by Horde. (99.5% at this time).

if there was only one pvp server and not two, the pvp would continue. but this way with 2 servers and 2 factions, each retreated to his domain and the pvp ended.

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And a mega server of one pvp only…would have server gerbils go on strike lol.

Classic showed me something, it showed me why warmode came to be really. Hell it probably got more to join the losing side of the population numbers lol. Or wake up old as hell alts.


warmode is just a pvp server where you type /pvp - but with extra steps.

warmode is the end of wpvp. it’s them camouflaging their capitulation into a new system.

I remember I tried to play as WM ON for a few months. hated it. now i rarely remember pvp exists.

Mankrik is primarily horde
Pagle is primarily ally

That’s a Normal server. Warmode, specifically has some requisites that the Cataclysm client doesn’t fulfill, and so there is no difference asking for Warmode or asking to play on a Normal server.


Porkwater think they will be closing more server before cata is over.

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They should make a National Geographic about the migration of WoW players…


So I have several characters on Ashkandi and it was claimed in the in game chat that free transfers were available “per the blue note” in the shop. Going to the shop shows paid transfers only. Anyone know for sure if or when free transfers will be available?

by end of cata there will be 4 NA servers.

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According to the original blue post free transfers should be available for your realm, and I haven’ts seen anything saying these have stopped.

Were you checking for the transfer on the character select screen in game? The free transfer will only show here, you can see it on the shop in a web browser or the in game shop if you are already logged in to a character.

Okay, found what my problem was. I was actually in realm and looking at the shop there. No free Xfer’s. BUT, from the character selection screen during log in, hit the ‘shop’ button on the left and there it is. Kind of sneaky if you ask me… too easy for Bliz to get someone to pay for something they are offering for free in a different spot.

They want everyone to move to megaservers. Non-mega servers offer too much community. I’m not sure why they’re so against community in a game like this.

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Anyone know how a guild master can transfer and still keep the guild intact? I have a small guild and really dont want to disband and lose the thousands of gold i have invested in bank tabs… It keeps telling me I have to disband my guild in order to transfer.

No guilds move, there was lots of complaints about it initially but to no avail. I’m sure in Bliz PoV, it can only encourage token sales, so a bonus for them, plus less work.

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yeah i was looking for my server.

I was surprised how active it was late at night my time.

are people actually playing this dog shet game version of wow? ill ask all reailers that too. how much crack do you need to smoke to play? i need whatever u guys have lmao

It’s better than sod and wotlk classic.