Realm Closing?

Is the Cata Windseeker Realm closing? If this is so, when will it happen? Will we get a free move?
My guild posted a notice that it is moving to Pagle. Someone in the guild said Windseeker is closing. I haven’t heard anything about it.
I couldn’t get through the support maze to ask about this issue. It didn’t seem to fit into the categories.


If you are currently playing on one of the source realms, we’d encourage you to make preparations to move as soon as you are able to do so. We will be moving all remaining characters on these realms to a new destination at some point after the launch of Cataclysm Classic. Moving your character before launch will allow you to have a choice of where you end up, so we’d encourage you to do so as soon as possible.


Based on the post made by Community I would say there isn’t a definitive date set, but some time after the launch of Cataclysm. I’m not 100% if that launch includes the pre-patch so moving sooner rather than later is definitely recommended.

I believe the option to move should be available in the in-game shop when you log in with that realm selected.


My husband has been trying now for 3 days, several hrs each day to try and move off of Windseeker to Mankrik. None of his toons can move. Keeps coming up with Mail error. He has nothing coming in. We did ck. on the 1st. for the brew of the month, and the gold from the points and took them out when we got them. We have now unistaled the game 2x’s. We even logged on his toons from my computer to try, with no luck. Please someone help us. He want’s to come to the server that I’m on and our friends. ty.

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You will have to open a problem with purchase ticket a gm will have to clear it.

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Did you figure it out, Icandoitlol? I don’t see any characters on Windseeker on either of your accounts, so I’m assuming you got it sorted?


It don’t make cents to close realms when you look at the other ones there full or locked why move I am on windseeker been playing on this realm for years before lichking

It makes sense to the dev team, it keeps server populations at healthy levels for group content.


We can disagree with the realm closures and the side effects of them (I’m impacted by both the recent SoD and Cata closures, #RIPWindseeker), but in the end they have a goal for the server roster and they’re making moves to achieve it.

They want to have a small roster of full servers going forward and not a bunch of servers where we’re all spread out. All we can do is hope it pans out well in the end.

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That’s great feedback, but you should post it in the Cata general discussions forum. CS is not a feedback forum, CS does not make these game changes.


Which server is full or locked on cata server?