[A][Stormrage] <Superiority Complex> LFM DPS/flex healer and M+

Who we are

The guild was formed at the beginning of Shadowlands by its core team, made up of 2700+ Mythic+ teams and former CE raiders looking for a casual and fun take on progression raiding. Our aim and goal is to always push as far forward into the content as we can, aiming for AOTCs and then into mythic. The intended goal is to reach CE at each tier, however this is a newer group and with that will come learning.

That being said, we’re not hardcore nutbags who scream at our raiders. We expect our players to perform and improve, and spots are competitive in the mythic raiding core.

Raid Times/Days: Tues & Wed 8PM - 11PM EST (5PM-8PM PST)

Needs: All classes for 10.1.

To join our raid or mythic+ teams, add us on

Battle.net - Discord

Sorfarion#1190 - Sorfarion#6779

Heynots#1881 - Heynots#8429

TrueEye#1734 - TrueEye#8214
Let’s chat and play the game. Thanks for reading.

Still recruiting.

SC is also looking for part time Raiders, you cannot commit to a normal raid team but would love to experience mythic with a guild, hit is up, we need people like you !

P.s. If you’re a tank it’s even better I need days off too !!!

Still looking.

would be interested

Please add one of us to btag/discord. Thanks

I sent one

Very interested. added ur btag and discord

Looking for members for 10.1.