[A/H] LFRP the In-Game Community

Good day, Wyrmrest Accord!

It’s your local try hard elf here with a brand new way to find yourself some RP. If you are:

  • In the market for roleplay;

  • A DM;

  • A storyteller;

  • In search of a roleplay partner or,

  • Want to know some of the going-ons on your server

then LFRP the Community is here to help!

Come join our freshly formed band of community members dedicated to providing ease of access to roleplayers seeking roleplayers and events happening around town.

We have four main channels:

  1. General for all your general chatting with folks in your community.

  2. Looking for RP for when you’re on the hunt for casual roleplay.

  3. Events and Promotion to advertise for events you know about or are hosting

  4. Looking for RP Guild. Use this channel to make aware your intention of joining a guild. Do not use this channel to spam guild invites.

We also offer use of an in game calendar events can be posted in and seen by all in the community.

In order to remain in the community you must abide by some simple rules:

Be kind to one another.

No excessive mature language.

No bigotry of any kind (racism, queerphobia, sexism, misogyny).

Mods have final and complete say over any and all interactions.

I am currently looking for 3-5 moderators that can uphold these rules with the goal of keeping it safe, kind, and efficient. Please reach out in community or in game.

look for us in the community finder in game or use these links:
Alliance - https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/eXl3yjai5bo?region=US&faction=Alliance
Horde - https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/jPlr5yzi7J2?region=US&faction=Horde


Add your favorite channel to your chat box with the “add to chat window” option at the top of the community frame.

Add a note to your character telling others a bit about them and what you’re looking for!

Post event thread links or details here. I’ll add them to the in game community calendar.

I’ll be removing folks from off server as they join.

Please spread the word throughout your Discords, communities and threads. The more people who join mean the more RP we can generate!

Thanks for reading,



good :face_with_monocle:

Happy to be a mod for the late-night side of things, as I’m usually online from 1:30am PST onwards unless I don’t have work that day in which case I’m sometimes on at normal hours haha. I can do so on both factions if you need it. Sarestha (Horde) and Faltherin (Alliance)

I’ll sign up to the community in game when I get home! (Currently sneaking the forums at work :upside_down_face:)

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Welcome to the team!

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Wut 'bout mah Horde? :pleading_face:

It’s a coming!

This is obvious Alliance bias, and I for one am sick of it! :angry:

Do deaders get sick?

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Now you’re going racial?! I can’t even!

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Can deaders even can’t even?


I still cant get over youre a nelf.

All this time you’ve just been a helmet in my mind


I don’t think anyone can can’t even anymore, per the April 1, 2015 patch notes.


  • Players who literally can’t even should be able to literally even again"

I haven’t updated my game since magisters terrace

That explains why whenever you charge you either go to space or the center of the planet.

After October is over I will do my best to plop events down on the calendar weekly. I would suggest posting event threads or details here so I can ensure they’re posted.

it is good.

Horde-side community link is up!

Well well, what’s all this then?

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Joined on Sarestha Hordeside!


We are celebrating 100 Alliance characters in the the Alliance community. Let’s get Horde there soon and reach for 200!