♥ <PremoGaming> 12/12 H 2 day AOTC LF Raiders/ M+ runners

Current Raid Progress:

12/12 H
12/12 N

8/8 H


3/9 M
9/9 H
9/9 N

Are you looking for a no drama guild? One that clears AOTC every tier and pushes Mythic + keys? Check out PremoGaming on Thrall - Accepting all players no matter your previous raiding experience or ilvl! Contact Moonpie#1732 BNet, Moonpie#5426 Discord, or Quinnie/Zhîî in game, Cheeky#1930 or Zðd/Aadorian for further information or if you have questions.

Raiding schedule is Monday and Wednesday from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm CST. Attendance is not required, but to raid you have to be geared/enchanted/gemmed and have consumables accordingly so consider that if you won’t be able to make it all the time. We also run lots of Mythic + and would like more groups to be running. Check out our raiderIO page here --> raiderio/guilds/us/thrall/PremoGaming

We are a group of ex-hardcore friends from Premonition on Windrunner-Alliance (ex top 150 world) who decided to play on Thrall-Horde for Battle for Azeroth. We are accepting ALL PLAYERS. We are looking for friends to play with, not elitists. We do plan to do everything the game has to offer, without pressure. Join us to raid, or not to raid. We don’t care this time around. Our core members have all played together for a long time and don’t want the drama or stress of a hard core guild anymore. We’re looking for new friends to become our long time, core members too!

Do we want to raid? Sure, we do. Do we want to put undue stress on ourselves or our guildies? Nope! If you just want a place to hang out in game or Discord - you can do that too. When we say no pressure, we mean it. The only thing we will require is that you are geared and prepared with the necessary consumables for raiding. We don’t want to waste our time, obviously. Our ultimate goal is to clear all Heroic content (AOTC) when it is relevant. If we ever get the chance to go over after Mythic raids, we’ll go for it. However, if we can’t do it, we don’t care much about that either. So if you’re looking for a home where you can do what you want, when you want, or raid only Normal and/or Heroic while having fun with friends and no pressure, then check us out. There’s no harm in getting to know us or asking questions. It never hurts to give us a try :slight_smile:

PS - We don’t want anyone who causes drama, is a jerk, or treats fellow guildies poorly! These types of people will be promptly kicked. Also, if you are EXPECTING Mythic progression we are not the guild for you.

Best of luck to everyone searching for a new guild!

3/9M Ele Sham + Boomy
[H] Fury Warrior LF Raiding Guild
Looking for raiding guild
Spriest, Warlock, Ret LF 2 day Mythic guild
380 Rdruid LF Guild
392 SP LF guild
394 (H) Mage looking for BoD Mythic Raiding guild
390 Ret pally LF raiding guild
Blood Dk 404 ilvl LF new raid team
Former mythic prog raider lf Guild
405 S Priest LF RAID GROUP
LF Guild to take me in!
382 DH (new character) LF guild that do raids and mythic+
392 hunter or 402 warlock LF home
406 6/9M Lock lf 2d/week guild
395 Ele Shaman LF Mythic Guild
The age old question, how to find a good guild
404 Outlaw Rogue LF Raiding Guild
411 Lock / 411 DH / 411 WW/MW LFG
DPS DK looking for a home
(H) 386 Lock LF Heroic Raiding Guild
Group of Raiders looking for a new home
4/9M 407 ilvl boomie LF Horde raiding guild
399 Outlaw Rogue Looking for raiding guild
[H] Looking to transfer Mage/Warrior
400+ Pal / Druid / DH / DK / Priest LFG
(H) Arms Warrior (Mal'Ganis)
400 Shadow Priest lf guild
404 warlock/dk LF raiding guild to start mythic
402 ilvl, 880 io Resto Druid
BM hunter LF mythic raiding
LF raiding guild
4/9M former CE Boomy/Hunter
411 MM/BM Hunter LF Horde Guild
400 Demo Lock LFG (Raid and Mythic+)
[H] 409 Warlock 3/9M BoD LF Guild
408 Prot War/BDK 3/8m LFG
2 AOTC Raiders LF Guild
4/9 Mythic Moonkin LF Guild
392 rogue lf guild
(A) Shammy lf place to call home
Looking for a guild to raid with
Ranged DPS LF Mythic Raiding Guild
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400 Lock/Looking for Heroic/Mythic Guild
Lock w/ mythic experience
[H] 401 Warlock LF Raid
Warlock, returning from Legion, LF Casual Heroic/Mythic Guild
405 Holy priest and 405 Boomkin looking for Mythic Guild, 2/9m 9/9H
Thrall (H)
Please delete
Delete please
415 Frost Mage 9/9 Heroic 1/9 Mythic LF Guild
[H] Could we be a good fit?
399 Moonkin/396 mistweaver and 403 rogue lf guild
Looking for group that raids mythic on Wednesday from 8-11
BM hunting looking for prog guild 6/9H

Had to start a new thread! I said something bad in the first one :frowning: Sorry! Still looking for more players to add to the roster for Heroic finish and start of Mythic.

Bumping for more players for mythic! we’re starting with the first couple next week!

Looking for more great players

Still looking to add a few more to the roster!

What roles are you looking to fill?

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Our highest needs are a healer, and a tank with a strong DPS spec that doesn’t mind DPS’ing in most raids. We want some additional ‘main’ tanks for mythic + groups and occasionally need a tank to step in for someone who’s out probably 1-2 raids a month (maybe more). Beyond that we’d like any strong DPS and will consider all classes.

I main a MW monk I do not dps tho so would not be looking to fill a dps slot. My current progression is 8/9n 3/9h and I’m looking for a new raid home.

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We would like a MW monk, so this would be a good fit :slight_smile: We would not require the healer to DPS.

Prujitsu - add me on bnet Moonpie#1732 if you’re still looking for a guild. Would love to speak with you.

Looking for a heals and some strong DPS. Check us out!

Looking to add more to the roster. We are now 1/9 M and 7/9 H. Come join us for Mythic killings and for AOTC

Looking for more ranged DPS and other excellent players :slight_smile:

Looking for more - join us!

Looking for a heals and more DPS as well as a tank for mythic + with a good DPS or heals offspec for raids.

Bump for more for mythic raiding and mythic +

Looking for more to join us for Mythic raiding and for more mythic + groups

Looking for more AOTC raiders who want to push mythic a bit, and run lots of Mythic+ keys!

Looking for more to do early mythic bosses and heavy mythic+ pushers

Bump for fun players looking for AOTC, some mythic bosses, and lots of Mythic + higher keys :slight_smile: