BM hunting looking for prog guild 6/9H

4th guild this expansion fell apart due to low attendance/recruitment.

I am looking for a guild that wants to push Cutting edge content and a guild that will last longer than a month with the main goals being cutting edge and an AOTC for the finale tier of the expansion. Just looking for something that lasts.

Of course looking to clear heroic first with AOTC.

as of writing this i am 386 ilevel and 6/9 heroic. 16% wipe on jaina so no AOTC.

Logs and other things will be provided when contact is made.

Thanks ahead of time! Good luck with prog!

We are 9/9N 7/9H 1/9M and are in desperate need of a hunter for myth progression. Hit me up Broxigar#11124

We are AOTC focused but will be doing Mythic this tier as well - hoping to bolster the raiding ranks a bit more for Mythic. Check us out!

Anxiety is a veteran guild comprised of members dating back from wrath. Currently its make up are members from its old components; some from Swarm and DM on Thrall, Stoic on Proudmoore and a few others. We are looking for progression minded players to push contents in this patch and the up coming ones. We raid Tues, Wed, Thurs 8-11 PM EST. Would love to have you come and check us out. Any questions please relay them to Garlik in game or Garlic#1911 with notes attached. Thank you for time!