♥ <PremoGaming> 12/12 H 2 day AOTC LF Raiders/ M+ runners

Looking for more to join us for mythic bosses and lots of mythic +

Wanting to grab another healer and some DPS for early mythic bosses and mythic pluses!

Looking for more to join us for next week’s raid!

Still looking for a few more to make sure we always have enough for mythic raids :slight_smile:

looking for ranged dps and a tank that wants to do mythic + a lot and backup tank for raids.

Looking to add a couple more to the roster!

All you great players, join us!

Looking for more for raiding and mythic plus

looking for great ranged DPS and a tank for mythic +

Looking for ranged DPS!

Looking for ranged DPS to add to the roster!

Looking for active players who want to raid and mythic +

Might you be interested in a returning player with soem exp from legion? My main is resto druid, but Im not all too fuzzed iof I cant raid tbh. Im having fun playing and just would like some people to have fun with :slight_smile:

Edit: this says im 114, but I am 120 :slight_smile:

hi there! Accepted your friend invite, let’s talk tonight if you’re around :slight_smile:

Hi I spoke with Cheeky already :slight_smile: Thanks!!

Great! You’re welcome!

Still looking for a warlock for raiding roster!

Looking for more for raiding roster for lower mythic raids and mythic +

Mythic Grong down - starting Heroic Crucible next week - Come Join US!

Looking for some more great players to join us!