390 Ret pally LF raiding guild

So I’ll cut right to the point I’m looking for a guild that raids 2 nights a week. Preferred times would be 7-10 central but if it’s the right fit I can be flexible. I’ve been playing warrior this tier and it’s been fun but I’d really like to play my pally as well. Currently 1/8 M and 5/8 heroic. So yea that’s about it I’ll be checking the post regularly. Looking forward to hearing from ya!

I’m assuming you will be looking for a Mythic progression guild eventually due to your current progression.

Either way if you ever decide to only look for a chill Heroic Raiding guild, I’ll post my spam here :stuck_out_tongue: We are a Heroic raiding guild only. We are currently looking for reliable dps to add to our core group. I’m looking to add 1-2 more dps to balance out our 5 healer ratio :slight_smile:

We are an older group so consider us a mature adult guild BUT who still love to BS on discord during raid nights and off-raid nights.

Anyways if you are interested, you can read about us here: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/twisted-reflection-heroic-guild-lf-dps

We are interested in another Ret pally ours is a little full of himself. Would love to speak with you! Feel free to add Vorroc#1575 so we can talk.

[TRC] is a US Horde Thrall guild that is looking for active and competitive players to add to its roster. Looking for a competent restro druid, a DK DPS with a tank offspec, and a ret pally. We currently are 1/9 Mythic and 6/9 Heroic in BoD. The guild currently raids Mon and Wednesdays from 7-10 PM CST (8-11 PM Thrall Server time). We strive to clear through heroic right from the start of a tier and spend the rest of the time with Mythic as the focus. We are looking to find players who are competitive, understand what progression requires, and mainly just want to be a part of a solid group that likes to see some progress with each raid. In addition to our Mon and Wed raids, we also try to keep some non-mandatory out of raid activity going each week through m+ and farm raids. Also, have some guild fun nights on weekends. Our guild is ran through discord. Please contact any officer or add

Currently, we are accepting all applications from outstanding players. Logs will be asked for and looked at.

US - Thrall

<Redacted> 8/8M 3/9M

About Us:
Redacted was created by people who have a history of Cutting Edge experience and are looking to get back into raiding in BFA. We are seeking more players who would like to push for Cutting Edge in BFA. Our GM has raid lead since Vanilla in a number of guilds and looks to continue in Redacted. We enjoy doing things outside of game and hope to add more members.

Raid Schedule:
Friday and Saturday, 9pm - 1am EST


Application Link: goo.gl/forms/jueIncvMv01yrxgJ2


Dara#2639 (Discord) Darsa#11664
If you have any questions or concerns

Hello Asuña,

I’ll cut to the chase too and not try to oversell. We’re building a Mythic core group that raids on Tues and Thurs 8-11 EST (your preferred raid time :slight_smile: ) We are currently 4/9H with some good progression on Conclave. We’re starting on it tomorrow. Feel free to hit me up in game for more info. Hope to hear from you and maybe you could join us tomorrow. Jaz#1569


Well Asuña, XRaided is 4/9 H and 7/9 N. We raid T/Th 9pm to 11pm EST. We are looking for about 3 dps tp fill out our Heroic grp. We do plan on doing mythic. We are looking for dps just like yourself. You can add me to Btag: ganderin4620#1637 for nay questions.

I actually raided with you guys in legion when you were hardcore casuals. Sent you a request. Looking forward to hearing back from ya

hi there - we raid 2 nights a week and we are currently 6/9H - Reach out if you’re interested!

[H] 8/9H 1/9M. [We have a Bear].

10pm-1am EST
T/Th (mythic) prog
Wed (optional) mains heroic speed farm night.

We push 12-13 keys, farm 10 keys, and create a system for less mythic raiders to acquire 10 keys by taking responsibility over their own keys.

As a guild we’re long term oriented, and have a sizeable seasonally active roster of players, with about 20 active at any one tier for mythic pushes.

The super long term goal is to grow as a guild, to hit high mythic raid clear numbers/ potentially Cutting Edge.

A lot of us are adept at managing drama, and we talk problems out like adults to learn and grow.

If interested,
Draikyo#1145 (bnet)
Ragnaroll#7770 (disc)

Hope you find the guild you’re looking for!

Hey there! Not sure what time slots you’re looking at, but we raid fri/sat 11pm to 1am est. We’re just getting into heroic and are looking to pickup some solid dps to round out the team. Also, would be nice to have more people for m+ as well. If you have any questions or are interested add me on bnet.

Bnet: burdman06#1963


Forgone Conclusion is a casual progression/social guild. We are currently recruiting to round out our roster and enlarge our social population. We are looking for people who are interested in raids, Mythic + and socializing. We are a guild comprised of people in their early 20’s to 30’s so we understand if you have to miss a night but we will push content anyways.

We are currently 9/9 N 4/9 H.

Our raid team is currently seeking 1 healer (mw monk or shaman preferably). A flex Tank (Non dk) and dps (focus on Hunter, Shaman, Demon Hunter, Warlock) to round out our team.

Paladin: Medium
Death Knight: Medium
Warrior: Low
Shaman: High
Hunter: High
Druid: Medium
Rogue: Low
Demon Hunter: Low
Monk: High
Priest: Low
Mage: Medium
Warlock: Medium

We do not currently have set mythic + groups instead we rotate people in and out to get everyone their highest run in throughout the week. With our mix of people who can tank and heal we can have a few going at once.

Raids are held Wednesday and Thursday from 7:30PM-10:30PM EST, with the option of another clean up day or alt run if the membership agrees.

For more information on us please message one of the below or reply to this thread:

Dennix#1965 (GM)
Memoryfoam#11291 (Raid Lead)

Spite could be a perfect fit! We are recruiting a few good souls to supplement our long-standing core group of raiders for some BfA content. We are a group of old WoW and RL friends (some of whom have raided together since Vanilla) as well as a fine lineup of new BFA friendos. We are an easy-going group of adults who aren’t afraid to swear or laugh at ourselves (or you :D), but we are serious about setting some time away from RL to see content, play efficiently, coordinate, and just generally enjoy our time progressing together. We are an Uldir AOTC guild, and 4/9 on our way to AOTC again this tier.

We clear heroic content and look to casually continue pushing mythics as we shore up our team! Our raid nights are Wednesday and Thursday nights 9PM-12 server. Add me in game Ranatheii#1152 or /who Spite and get in touch with us! Good luck to you!!

XRaided is still interested. Just msg me on Bnet: ganderin4620#1637

Hey Asuna!

With our flex scheduling - you can pick the 2 of the 3 nights you want to raid! Nice huh!

Tenured Guild – Approaching 5 years raiding Normal/Heroic for AotC (No Mythic)

Raid Team: Up to 10 strong DPS & 2 Healers
Filling in from the normal roster rotation between raid tiers! You know how it is *^.^ * Recruiting is a year round venture!

Full Post:
It’s time to start realizing that every guild does not have to be a stressful one - there are so many things to do in the game, let’s enjoy it!


  • Make your own schedule Life First, Games After
  • Normal/Heroic Raid Team (took a step back from mythic in favor of flex raiding/less stress)
  • Start having fun while raiding!
  • Always get our AotC
  • 4+ years of raiding as a guild thanks to solid core.
  • If you break - we’ll be here when you get back!


  • Non-Raiders also welcome!
  • Mog Peeps - Travel with us into old content and let’s expand those closets!
  • Achievements - Nothing like knocking these out for bragging rights or mounts!
  • Mythic Plus - Actively running keys Tuesday & Fri/Sat - Mythic + rank in discord

Bloodwall is a semi-casual/hardcore guild meaning we are very understanding in schedule, learning, atmosphere is laid-back and fun but we do take raiding serious and make sure to get our AotC every content. Some nights will be wipe nights where we might not get a boss down but the difference is we still have a good time working on the boss, no stress. Wiping is part of the path to AotC so we want to learn our fights as a group and for our members to constantly grow in their classes.

Raid times are as follows:
Wednesday 8-11pm EST (Farm & Progression)
Thursday 8-11pm EST (Progression)
Monday 8-11pm EST (Progression)
Note: 8-8:30 invites, 1st pull at 8:30.

Talk with you soon!
:+: Foxcee :+:
Btag: Foxcee#1707
Discord: Foxcee#5220

Heroes Õf Azeroth (currently 7/9 Normal) is currently recruiting mature dedicated members for our primary heroic raiding group. Our idea is to fill our primary group and at some point, start a potential secondary raid group. As of right now, we are focusing on filling the primary group. Our current raid times are Friday and Saturday 2100-2400 (9pm-12am) local server time. We do understand that people have work and families and that not everyone can make all scheduled raids. We do, on the other hand, expect a certain level of attendance or at least notice that the raid can not be attended.

Currently in demand are:

1.) Tanks (Any class).
2.) Healers (Any class although we have a few Holy Priests).
3.) We are full on non-ranged DPS but would obviously be willing to consider the right candidate.
4.) We are also in need of a raid leader for our primary group. I have been handling this job title, but I am not particularly fond of it.

Our secondary raid group would clearly need everything, but keep on mind that this group is not a priority of ours as of yet and joining for that group may be initially frustrating.

There has also been discussions of starting a Battle Grounds group. We would need someone who would be interested in possibly spearheading that activity. Please reach out to us if that sounds interesting to you.

Mythic plus could content occurs relatively frequently with our guild. Although we do not have a scheduled time for this activity, we encourage our members to save and build weekly keys with the guild. This creates guild comradery and builds a certain level of teamwork. If mythic plus content is something you are interested in, this may be the place for you.

Again, we appreciate your time and consideration. If there is anything we want you to take away from this post, it’s that this guild puts “fun” above everything else which is our number one objective. If you are not having fun, what is the point of playing? Please reach out to us in game or via contact information below if you have any other questions. Thanks and have fun!



ShadowMooCow: Battle Tag = ShadowMooCow#1715
Prometheuus: BattleTag = Angeluus#11931
Discord: discord.gg/jeaUQpH

Please feel free to visit our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/557951974614720/?ref=share

Warlords of Draino is a semi-hardcore guild pushing mythic content without turning WoW into a job. Our goal is to kill bosses and have fun.

Raid times are
Tues 8:30pm-11:30pm est
Weds 8:30pm-11:30pm est
Sunday 8:30-11:30ish optional fun/alt run

Must be able to make both mandatory raids.

Currently looking for strong DPS who are willing and capable of playing offspec if needed.

Contact for more information.