Looking for group that raids mythic on Wednesday from 8-11

Currently, our guild doesn’t have the people needed to do mythic: A rare occurrence, I know.

At the moment, we currently have 10 or 11 people that wish to do mythic one full day a week so we can down some more bosses. We are looking for a variety of roles/classes/specs right now. Whether that comes from two guilds agreeing to raid with each other due to roster issues or a potential merge, the options are there.

We are not hardcore by any means, but we would like to be able to kill some mythic bosses each tier.

Our raid days are Tues/Weds 8-11 EST. Mythic could be either of those days, though Wednesday is the better option for us if it came down to a choice

Add me/message me on discord or battlenet any time of the day for more information.
Discord: Dean#8379
Battlenet: Dean#1139

Hey - let’s chat. We might have a solution for your predicament and bolster our roster numbers in the process. We are doing the early mythic bosses and already have AOTC, which is our goal each tier but want to do mythic raiding each tier also. We also run a lot of mythic +.

Check us out and if you have any interest reach out to me on bnet at Moonpie#1732 or Discord Moonpie#5426

Sent a request on both bnet and discord

Updated what we need. We can mix with a variety of groups

Update: We have one tank that can go dps if need be, 2 strong healers, and about 7 good dps looking for a group to do one day a week mythic prog with