380 Rdruid LF Guild

Hey, currently 380 ilvl, looking for a raiding guild. 6/8M exp in uldir (minus zul). I played Boomkin for Uldir, looking to play resto now to change things up a bit. Played resto since WoTLK, end of WoD swapped to Boomkin and have played that since.

Feel free to add me in game or on bnet Ben#17891

Hey, i saw you posting in trade chat the other night. My guild is currently rebuilding it’s raid group. We’re 5/9 currently in BoD and look to push Heroic once we’re back to a complete raid roster. We’re looking for a Boomkin/resto Druid to join our ranks. We raid Fri/Sat, 9:30-12. If you’re interested, you can contact me in-game Crindor#1206 or my GM Arochon.

hi there Barbecued - check us out! We would like another healer for our raid group.

Hey Bar, The Renaissance is building up a 20 man mythic core and our team needs a rDruid. We raid Tues and Thurs 8-11 EST. I am at work atm but I will be on tonight. I will add you and see if you have time to talk tonight.

Hi, I am not sure what nights you are looking for but my guild raids Tues and weds 930-12ish est and we are looking for one more healer (flex dps is a plus).

Link to info

If your still looking we could help each other. I see you haven’t started BOD yet, we’re starting to push heroic. We don’t plan on getting into mythic, but just come get your feet wet and get a taste of the fights. I could use a bad mofo, even if just temporary. Fri/Sat 11pm to 1am est.