Looking for raiding guild

I am:
398 DH
395 Boomkin
390 WW Monk
386 Unholy DK

Guild recently fell apart sadly, am 9/9N 8/9 Heroic AoTC(Didn’t do Stormwall) and 1/9 M.

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Saw your post on wowprogress and tried to add you via battletag. Hit me up: surrealist#11770

Hey Imafkbrb, sorry to hear about your guild. We may be a good fit if you’re hoping to join some people that won’t be quitting anytime soon.

<Nulli Secundum> (US-Thrall) 8/9H 1/9M is currently recruiting DPS to round off our Core group. We are a 2-night Mythic raiding guild focused on steady progression. Many of us have been raiding together for several years and have a strong bond to the players who have played with us. If you’re looking for a tight-knit group of people who enjoy playing together while raiding, doing other content, and even playing other games, this is the place for you.

Raid nights are Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30pm to 12:30am EST. Please don’t be shy and ask for additional details. Battletags are xxcloud417xx#1439 or Xanthro#1864.

Looking forward to talking with you.

hey there - looking for more to bolster our raiding ranks in prep for Mythic - check us out!

Anxiety is a veteran guild comprised of members dating back from wrath. Currently its make up are members from its old components; some from Swarm and DM on Thrall, Stoic on Proudmoore and a few others. We are looking for progression minded players to push contents in this patch and the up coming ones. We raid Tues, Wed, Thurs 8-11 PM EST. Would love to have you come and check us out. Any questions please relay them to Garlik in game or Garlic#1911 with notes attached. Thank you for time!

What are your raid times?

Hi Imafkbrb :sunglasses: !!

Will keep this short and simple! We are currently recruiting a WW to join our roster! We raid every Tues/Thurs 9-12EST! We were 5/8M Uldir and currently 9/9N, 7/9H and 1/9MM.

How to apply:

For the quickest response, please use our google form for quick reply! I don’t have a trust level of 100000 to post links… just remove the spaces in the URL.
https:// tinyurl. com /yd3nzkca

You can also add me on bnet:

US - Thrall

<Redacted> 8/8M 3/9M

About Us:
Redacted was created by people who have a history of Cutting Edge experience and are looking to get back into raiding in BFA. We are seeking more players who would like to push for Cutting Edge in BFA. Our GM has raid lead since Vanilla in a number of guilds and looks to continue in Redacted. We enjoy doing things outside of game and hope to add more members.

Raid Schedule:
Friday and Saturday, 9pm - 1am EST


Application Link: goo.gl/forms/jueIncvMv01yrxgJ2

Dara#2639 (Discord) Darsa#11664
If you have any questions or concerns

[TRC] is a US Horde Thrall guild that is looking for active and competitive players to add to its roster. Looking for strong players. We currently are 1/9 Mythic and 8/9 Heroic in BoD. The guild currently raids Mon and Wednesdays from 7-10 PM CST (8-11 PM Thrall Server time). We strive to clear through heroic right from the start of a tier and spend the rest of the time with Mythic as the focus. We are looking to find players who are competitive, understand what progression requires, and mainly just want to be a part of a solid group that likes to see some progress with each raid. In addition to our Mon and Wed raids, we also try to keep some non-mandatory out of raid activity going each week through m+ and farm raids. Also, have some guild fun nights on weekends. Our guild is ran through discord. Please contact any officer or add

Currently, we are accepting all applications from outstanding players. Logs will be asked for and looked at.

Guild - Crimson Onslaught

Raid Team - Stone Guard
Progression - 9/9N 5/9H

Raid Times -

  • Tuesday 19:30 - 22:30
  • Thursday 19:30 - 22:30

What we are looking for currently -

  • Affliction Warlock
  • Demonology Warlock
  • Holy Paladin
  • Retribution Paladin
  • Wind Walker Monk
  • Mage (All specs welcome)
  • Resto Druid
  • Balance Druid
  • Frost Death Knight
  • Unholy Death Knight

About Us
Recently rebranded group looking to push into Mythic. Looking for dedicated, mature and highly motivated people to push with us. We work together as a family to down content in a timely manner as well as enjoy each others company.
We have a weekly Mythic+ day were we all get together to as a group in order to push high end keys as well as form better bonds with each other.

Trial Period
Trials will be brought in for 2 weeks to see how they perform and if their personality fits with ours. You will be look at closely to make sure you are performing mechanics correctly while bring your A game in DPS or HPS.

What is required of you
Bring your A game at all times
Bring enough Potions for the night
Be respectful to other raiders
Be on 15 minutes before raid time

Contact Information -
Raid Lead - Ragegasm#1732
Co Raid Lead - Gimperfied#1549

Spite could be a perfect fit! We are recruiting a few good souls to supplement our long-standing core group of raiders for some BfA content. We are a group of old WoW and RL friends (some of whom have raided together since Vanilla) as well as a fine lineup of new BFA friendos. We are an easy-going group of adults who aren’t afraid to swear or laugh at ourselves (or you :D), but we are serious about setting some time away from RL to see content, play efficiently, coordinate, and just generally enjoy our time progressing together. We are an Uldir AOTC guild, and 4/9 on our way to AOTC again this tier.

We clear heroic content and look to casually continue pushing mythics as we shore up our team! Our raid nights are Wednesday and Thursday nights 9PM-12 server. Add me in game Ranatheii#1152 or /who Spite and get in touch with us! Good luck to you!!!

We would love to add a DH of your skill to the roster!

Tenured Guild – Approaching 5 years raiding Normal/Heroic for AotC (No Mythic)

Raid Team: Up to 10 strong DPS & 2 Healers
Filling in from the normal roster rotation between raid tiers! You know how it is *^.^ * Recruiting is a year round venture!

Full Post:
It’s time to start realizing that every guild does not have to be a stressful one - there are so many things to do in the game, let’s enjoy it!


  • Make your own schedule Life First, Games After
  • Normal/Heroic Raid Team (took a step back from mythic in favor of flex raiding/less stress)
  • Start having fun while raiding!
  • Always get our AotC
  • 4+ years of raiding as a guild thanks to solid core.
  • If you break - we’ll be here when you get back!


  • Non-Raiders also welcome!
  • Mog Peeps - Travel with us into old content and let’s expand those closets!
  • Achievements - Nothing like knocking these out for bragging rights or mounts!
  • Mythic Plus - Actively running keys Tuesday & Fri/Sat - Mythic + rank in discord

Bloodwall is a semi-casual/hardcore guild meaning we are very understanding in schedule, learning, atmosphere is laid-back and fun but we do take raiding serious and make sure to get our AotC every content. Some nights will be wipe nights where we might not get a boss down but the difference is we still have a good time working on the boss, no stress. Wiping is part of the path to AotC so we want to learn our fights as a group and for our members to constantly grow in their classes.

Raid times are as follows:
Wednesday 8-11pm EST (Farm & Progression)
Thursday 8-11pm EST (Progression)
Monday 8-11pm EST (Progression)
Note: 8-8:30 invites, 1st pull at 8:30.

Talk with you soon!
:+: Foxcee :+:
Btag: Foxcee#1707
Discord: Foxcee#5220