(H) Arms Warrior (Mal'Ganis)

Fresh 120 arms warrior LF a late night active PvE guild. Been playing the game for a while, but I took a break at the end of Legion. Looking to jump back into it and would like to have an awesome guild to do it with! Hit me up in game if you would like me to be a part of your team!

Hi there Relucife!

Welcome back to BfA :slight_smile: I am not sure how keen you are on Heroic raiding, but the guild I am recruiting for on Thrall is currently 6/9 Heroic and achieves AotC every tier with casual progression into Mythic to fill the gaps between tiers. We also run events throughout the week, particularly our 10 chest each week for the cache and a select few who push higher than that.

Our raid times are Fri/Sat 8-11 p.m. PST (11-2 EST) & we currently are sporting a small roster, so would be definitely able to get your Warrior in if that’s something you’d like to try your hand at. Feel free to add me: limbrok#1655 if you’d like to chat further if that interests you. Best of luck in your search :slight_smile:

This sounds like a guild that I would enjoy being a part of. I sent you a friend request in game :slight_smile:

Sounds good, I’m at work so I won’t be around until late tonight (9:30 PST). Looking forward to chatting with you either tonight or in the near future :slight_smile:

A Reddit Dystopia is a large community with 10+ Raid Teams. Chances are we have a team that meets your schedule and what you are looking for.

Hey there!

[H][US][Zul’jin]<Incønceivable> 9/9N 2/9H

Raid Times: Tuesday/Thursday 8:30pm-11:00pm EST

Raid Needs: Tank, Melee and Ranged DPS

<Incønceivable> is coming off a very successful Legion expansion, whereby our goal was to attain AotC for each tier (accomplished) and have a lot of fun on the side, with things like Mythic Plus, Achievements, PvP and Alts.

So far in BfA, we’ve overcome a few roster issues to make our way to AotC for Uldir and are now off to a nice start in Battle of Dazar’alor (Normal cleared, beginning Heroic progression).

We are still looking to fill a few spots with a Tank, Melee and Ranged DPS. If you’re looking for a great group to hang out with, free of drama, we may be the home for you. Feel free to PM me here, whisper me in-game on Sartrix-Zul’jin or add my BattleTag - Anzak#1414. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Hi Relucife - we may have what you’re looking for.

Check us out and if you have interest please reach out to me on bnet at Moonpie#1732. Best of luck in finding a new home!