402 ilvl, 880 io Resto Druid

402 ilvl, 880 io Resto Druid Lookin for a raiding and M+ Guild.

I use WoW to escape reality. I dotn mind goin hard on keys but when it comes to raidin, i dont want it to feel like a second job to me. My most recent guild i was in, I failed their trial period and I’m ok with that because this is my game time i work and pay for. unless youre payin me 500 usd a week, dont try to force me to raid when im not feelin like myself. Im just tryin to find a guild i can make friends and call home that are proficient in runnin heroic content. i dont mind doin mythic raidin, but i dont wanna be held on a mythic core spot

Please Contact me at Btag: Zarithia#1563 or Discord: Zarithia#9314.
Look forward to hearing from you!

That’s a yikes from me fam.

Hey Oxbrutal - our guild may be the place for you. While we are already AOTC and currently working on the early mythic bosses, we do not have an attendance requirement as we don’t want those stresses - sounds like you don’t either. If you have interest reach out to me on bnet at Moonpie#1732