New year, new Bastion. 🤖

Alright, for me, as of writing this, the clock has just ticked over. Happy new year everyone!

But i’d like to talk about something that is still very important, and i was recently told that I need to address directly, so here i am.


The adorable little death machine that we all know and love… well, for the most part.

Everyone who cares, seems to know the truth… that he’s in a bad place.
Everyone has opinions, myself included, but in this new year i would love nothing more than to see this character realized and accepted as a balanced part of this game… perhaps for the first time.

So what is the issue?

I’m not going to try and say for sure, again… opinions are opinions, but as far as i can tell from my own point of view, the issue is as follows:

Bastion is is generally useful when team play is at it’s peak, but when left alone… is less than useful even in good hands.

So what can we do to fix this?

I believe Bastion needs to be more independent, without sacrificing the ability to have impact when team play is involved.

Keep your heads on straight…

Arguably Bastion is no longer rewarded for precise aim, nor positioning… every single other hitscan hero, is generally rewarded for hitting headshots, and i truly believe that Bastion should not be an exception.

But how could we balance such a strong force, even if he doesn’t move while firing?

Lower ammo, in general.
It’s a simple change, in Sentry Mode, having around 200 or even as low as 150 ammo, he would be able to have burst damage again, but not oppressive burst lasting for as long as it currently lasts.

He would have just as many if not more weaknesses, with this change alone. He would reload more often, giving a small window for any hero to take the offensive, given strategy.

But that’s not the only issue at hand… a stationary hero will always struggle in this game, with the direction it is being led in. And with the new shield/barrier changes, i truly believe that Bastion requires his own protection.

I propose to you, a tried and true concept that has been passed around many times before, but some seem rather aggressive about…

The personal shield.

Let’s be honest here, Bastion is a big bot.
(As large as Reinhardt when hitboxes are involved.)

Bastion would be given a personal barrier, only while in Sentry Mode, non toggle-able, and only regenerating while in Tank Mode and Recon Mode, rewarding the Bastion for a general amount of mobility and re-positioning.

The assets already exist, or at least existed in the Beta version of Overwatch, and i believe it’s not an unrealistic ability to add to this game.

The health of said barrier is debatable, but i would personally set this health at anywhere between 400-600 barrier hp.

Yes, as of the latest changes, this IS a Tank-like ability, and for a non-mobile damage dealing hero, i truly believe that a Tank-like ability is deserved, when the hero has no direct form of defense other than shooting his way out of a situation.

What does this change?

Bastion’s Sentry Mode would be a true commitment, and feel rewarding to play when faced with massive focus fire, which is already present in the game at this time. Being that it would not regenerate out of combat, without the Bastion being on the move, it would punish purely stationary play, and give the enemy a chance to out-pressure the Bastion in question. When a shield can’t move, that hp drops very very quickly. That is an undisputed fact.

A QoL change i would like to see, which would raise Bastion’s skill floor while also making higher level play more rewarding, is to lower Bastion’s base Sentry Mode spread.

Yes, it already tightens while firing, and i do enjoy the reverse accuracy aspect, but with the lowering of Bastion’s ammo supply, i would intend for the player to be firing for much less time in each burst. Lowering the base spread would also mean Bastion is rewarded for more accurate shooting, which in general rewards higher skill level players.

The last change i would personally like to see for this hero in need, is as simple as this…

Removal or complete rework of Ironclad.

Either i want this poor excuse for a passive ability removed entirely, or simply for the ability to replace Bastion’s normal HP with armor when in Sentry or Tank mode. Again, the number values are up for debate.

In general, i’m simply wanting to open discussion back up. If possible, this could become a new hub for Bastion discussion, a megathread, if you will.

But something needs to be done, and no matter if i’m repeating other’s ideas, or simply repeating myself… these words need to be said.

TL;DR: To fix Bastion we cannot spare power for protection, nor protection for power. I propose that we lower Bastion’s ammo in Sentry Mode considerably, give Bastion a simple Tanking ability for survive-ability due to his hitbox and size in general, and change how the player is rewarded for more strategic and higher level play in many ways, including tightening his base spread.

(Post likely edited multiple times for grammar and simple additions.)

~ℭ𝔥𝔦𝔟𝔦𝔉𝔬𝔵 :fox_face:

:tada: Have a happy new year, my friends. :tada: And if i may ask for your simple support when talking about these proposed changes, and to remain civil.


Bastion should become more of an artillery character, like his super except less powerful. His minigun is way too strong especially when he’s shielded by characters like Reinhardt, Orissa, etc. I dgaf that they took away his precision damage with his rof and mag that nerf was pointless. His self repair should be removed imo since he’s pretty much only viable when barricaded by barrier characters like Reinhardt. If nothing else he should be made a tank since he already possesses so many similar traits.

Bastion’s self repair is almost entirely necessary with the hero as he is.

If anything, the only change i can see being given to self repair, is something like making it an ability which heals for a short time.

Even so, as a stationary target who will likely be taking damage nearly constantly, Bastion cannot rely entirely on a healer to survive.


Rework into a tank, easy


To buff Bastion, before he starts shooting he should yell, “I’m chargin’ mah lazar!!!”.


This is easily possible with the proposed changes above^ :3
Whatever category he’s in, he needs changes.

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Yet relying on a healer and a barrier tank is what makes him viable 99% of the time. When neither of these factors apply he isn’t a problem which just makes him terribly unbalanced. He really does need a rework, but the powers that be have their heads so far up their bums that they can’t see this.

I wont argue against that last statement, but the fact remains…

What would happen if we removed Soldier 76’s healing and made him stationary while shooting?

Obviously he would be useless.

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That’s an apples to oranges comparison, Solider is much more mobile than Bastion and doesn’t receive a passive like Ironclad to help him tank damage. I pretty much feel like Bastion should either have self heal or Ironclad, but not both.

Read the post above, please.
I suggested either removing ironclad completely, or reworking it to simply change around Bastion’s health between configurations.

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I’m pretty sure the solution we derive from this is that Bastion should be able to move around in a small yellow circle while he is in turret form.

I… don’t think that would be a good idea.
Bastion’s biggest upside, AND downside, is based around his commitment to Sentry Mode.

I do not believe this should change.


I agree with all of these changes except for the crits combined with tighter spread.

I kinda like that Bastion doesn’t crit because he’s this barrier burning specialist. It could suck as Roadhog dealing with Bastion melting you while you’re trying to bust the Bastion’s barrier (which Bastion should totally have). Hmm. Thinking about it some more, it might be fine because Bastion would reload more.

I could see Bastion really working with these changes as a tank thats like how Orisa used to be, but even more so compared to how she is now. I think people would love it because of Recon’s hitscan gun, Bastion, self-healing, and of course, Bastion’s intoxicating personality.

Please Blizzard, help us all and give Bastion his barrier back. People would love playing him and we’re always going on about having too little barrier tanks. Well, he’s a candidate.

Oh, and happy New Year, Chibifox.

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I’m just going to admit that I have no idea how to fix Bastion right now. I definitely think that the fact that he is so dependent on the rest of his team building around him is a huge problem. Also, the amount of coordination required to displace a good Bastion is also too much.

I’m fairly certain that the answer involves a fairly significant rework which makes me sad because I hate reworks. But I don’t know exactly what that should look like.

I am certain that doing nothing will result in Bastion continuing to flounder in obscurity and straight up buffing Bastion without a rework to the point he’s useful in OWL or GM would make him way too strong lower on the ladder.

Hopefully someone has a really good solution that keeps Bastion’s identity in tact.

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Honestly this interaction specifically would be tricky, but that’s why Roady has longer ranged shots.

It would be a game of strategy to only push the Bastion given opportune moments, that’s what is supposed to make Bastion dangerous.

Yes, he should melt Roady in the face when being attacked head on, but imagine burning that shield (And it would burn quickly) And getting a hook, deleting the Bastion.

That’s just it friend… Bastion needs to win sometimes.
And given that Roady is an unprotected large hitbox, it would make sense for him to be heavily countered up close by a Bastion without out-strategizing against him.

Essentially, Bastion would actually be able to take space.

Right now, if you set up anywhere near a Roady, you die. Period.

And consider this…

Bastion’s set up time, gives Roady a small window to hook him while setting up anyways.

I’d even say that Bastion would be hook-able when turned around.

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The first thing that needs to happen is for Blizzard to acknowledge that he needs a rework, they won’t. I’ve been saying it for a while that’s he too unbalanced, but Blizzard refuses to acknowledge this. I agree with you that he’s only good when teams build around him.


May i ask how you feel about the proposed “Rework” In the OP?

And honestly by this point Bastion’s falloff could be tweaked, if he had the tight spread and headshots. 20 meters would hurt, 10 meters would kill you most of the time, and 30 would let you poke him.

Assuming you don’t out-strategize him.

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No, no, you’re right. I even updated what I said.

Bastion would reload more anyway, I’ll just strike then, and my team’s barriers will be better at getting me in range.

Bastion might need a longer reload though. And definitely some loud beeping while reloading or something so bronzes can take advantage of it.

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I don’t think a personal shield would work bc I think that it would just further incentivize teams to put more barriers in front of him. I think he should be made a tank for starters and we could go from there since barrier spam wouldn’t be as bad with the current 222 team comps.

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