Console Bug Report

NS 2.6.7a bug: Echoing Fury (2)
PS4 Cannot select or highlight mailbox (1)
XB1X S19 no stash tab after Conqueror (2)
NS 2.6.7a bug: DH N5M3 (1)
No Hadrig's Gift, and cannot access in-game mailbox (7)
Problem with a lag (paragon aoe points added) (1)
Xbox one achievements not unlocking (2)
[Nintendo Switch] Leoric's Crown Not Disappearing From Extraction List for Kanai's Cube (4)
Bounts Bug - Act I (2)
Wrath of the Berserker Animation (3)
Seasonal Gifts Bug (1)
XBox One - Season 19 Haedrig’s Gifts not being awarded? (2)
No Blizzcon DIII wings for my Switch (4)
(2.6.7a on ns)There is a bug in the sets of Captain Crimson on switch (9)
Xbox Untargettable/Unkillable mobs that can kill you (1)
Cant complete bounty (1)
Missing Season 17 Reward & Necromancer Pack Glitch (1)
Game will not load from disc (1)
Console s19 buff broken (7)
Season 19 killstreak buff not active for PS4 (5)
Basic attacks in slow motion on xbox (3)
Bugs discovered on NS v2.6.7a (7)
No Necro: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition PS4 (1)
PS4 Wizard Attack stats aren't staying consistent (1)
Monk Epiphany Inner Fire no clones (1)
Items disappeared from stash (3)
Bug in Nintendo Switch with the new items (4)
Was about to kill regular RG, taken to start of campaign game (2)
Strange bug on switch, monsters are taking longer to kill on all difficulties (3)
PS4 players with 'hacked' items (2)