Console Bug Report

Negative paragon points after season ended (1)
Xbox One achievements locked (3)
Season effect gone a day early (4)
Khasim outpost quest stuck (1)
Lon buff gone from console (5)
Necromancer voice not working on xbox one (10)
Not A Cow Glitch on Switch (3)
PS4 Trophie Problem - [Dream Team] (1)
Blacksmith cant learn plans (1)
Experience Level Stops at Level 60 (6)
Voices missing in adventure mode xbox one (7)
Gem error combining (1)
Xbox One Seasonal Conquests (1)
Land of the corpse lance bug (1)
Vengeance bug diablo switch (1)
Problem when extracting stones (1)
"Wrath of Wastes" Set Checkbox Missing from "Years of War" (6)
PS4 Bug Stuck at Title Screen (1)
Nintendo Switch - Season unlocks not working (8)
Not upgrade latest patch. An i have only 1.03 on ps3 why? (3)
Gems disapear cannot use (3)