Console Bug Report

The ptr will not load is anyone else having the same issue? (3)
Switch bug - missing unidentified items and double equipped items in inventory (1)
Leap skill targeting seems broken on Nintendo Switch (7)
Creeping death not working (1)
Xbox One achievements locked (4)
PS4 Friend-Only issue (2)
May his death satisfy you bug (6)
Frequent Game Freezing on PS4 Local Play (2)
PS4 Bug Stuck at Title Screen (2)
Missing 1 Flawless Royal Gem Recipe (1)
Gelatinous Sire sometimes does not split into smaller goblins [PS4]nto (10)
In game challenges complete. Xbox achievements still locked (1)
Items on Templar Follower Disappeared (2)
500 bounties trophy bug (1)
(Nintendo Switch) Cosmetic Drops do not drop for entire party (1)
Unable to get JC recipe on Switch (1)
Did not receive challenge rift reward Xbox (1)
Requiem Cereplate effect not working in GRifts- PS4 (1)
Xbox one achievements not unlocking (1)
Cheating on console (4)
Items in inventory not displaying correctly (1)
Triunes are disappearing on me (2)
Diablo 3 Server is not available (2)
Nintendo Switch button mapping unnecessarily different (1)
PS4 Eternal Torment Still Not Lasting! (1)
Can't play Crusader's cinematic on Nintendo Switch (1)
Torment difficulty level on Nintendo Switch (2)
Wings and Pets missing (2)
Leaderboard Exploit (2)
Trophy Death Do Us part bug (1)