Challenge Rift Cache Does not exist after completion

Hi there!

I just ran the challenge rift in preparation for the upcoming season, to test out the time it takes to level to 18 on hardcore with necro. I made a seasonal character, Xbox series X. I completed it and went to pick up my challenge rift cache. The cache is not there. I tried again after hard resetting my system and the cache is still missing. It does appear to be the correct rift- Rolands Crusader. As I recall now that I think about it, I had an issues claiming a chache towards the middle of the season but didn’t think much of it at the time. This is a game breaking mechanic for the upcoming season if it not fixed. Please, please, can someone look into this to ensure for opening weekend we are able to access the challenge rift caches?

If we are unable to access the cache, the current seasonal theme can literally not be completed.

Thank you so much!

edited to add:
crisis averted. I cleared the cache on the xbox and my alt account was able to collect a challenge rift cache. Should it be an issue for anyone else, that works. The series x tends to store a good bit of data, so just hard resetting was not enough. good luck everyone!

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Make sure you have nothing in the left two columns of your inventory before trying to claim the cache. Used to happen to me far too often and noticed that when I made sure nothing was in those columns, I haven’t not received the cache.

on console we do not have columns.

Also, the challenge rift cache simply does not appear above the pedestal so there is not even an option to pick it up.


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What do you mean by alt account. I still have this bug and have tried clearing the xboxs cache and even reinstalled the entire game…

Any help would be appreciated.

I have another email and use that for couch co-op when friends come over. If you have an alternate email, your can make a new character. since it’s season still, you should be able to do the challenge rift on that account. I have not tested this week to see if I can pickup the challenge rift, but I’ll do that this evening and update here. I will say- it did take me 2 hours to get the bug cleared. I turned the xbox box off several times. manually cleared the data cache and then also did the push and hold the power button while the system was unplugged several times. I almost cleared my modem cache and would have used that as my next step.

Try unplugging the xbox for awhile- I left mine for about 20 minutes. push and hold the power button several times. then plug it back in and restart. See if that fixes it. I’ll update tonight when I get home from work. One of my friends did not have the bug and the cache is behaving normally for her, so I think the issue might have been with my system.

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How is it the “whole season” is dependent on doing an external challenge rift that has nothing to do with the season?


Well, there is this awesome seasonal theme that requires the sacrifice of a challenge rift cache to progress above level 15 of the powers on the altar. There is a cosmetic wings reward for completing the altar, so I feel the challenge rift cache is an integral part of the seasonal theme. Not everyone cares about cosmetics, for sure, but judging by the excitement over the Holiday Gift and cosmic wings drop, I’d say a lot of folks on console would be pretty bummed if there were a bug denying us equal access to PC rewards.

We have had seasonal themes not work in the past, so us folks on console may be a little gun shy. I know Blizzard works hard on fixing things as quickly as possible, so even if the cache is not claimable opening night, I’d expect everything to be fixed up by Monday.


can confirm I was able to pick up this week’s cache. I also scrolled through the forums and noted a possible other reason why I might not have been able to pick up the CR cache: I had an out of season character still holding an old one. There was a thread on the switch players not being able to pick up a cache if a character was still holding one. Not sure this is an issue anymore, but I thought I’d mention it here. have fun!

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I’ve tried this method and prettty much every method I can find and I still can’t pick up challenge rift caches.

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Still a problem on the xbox. You’d think they could have fixed it by now :pensive:

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hahaha NO. Blizzard doesn’t give 2 square Fs about console players.