Unofficial Playable Furbolg Discussion Thread

I would flip my chair, my desk and everything else I could find in utter glee.


Lowtier pandaren.

I don’t see them as better than or lesser than Pandaren (or vice versa). There is some lore to indicate they may have a common ancestor in the Jalgar as well so they would be cousins of a sort.

Both their cultures are significantly different from one another and further expansions of their cultures and people through an AR would be very welcome.

I’m very excited to see what is in store for them on the Dragon Isles within the Azure Span.

It will be a grand day when they are made playable finally.

Ursol guide you and Ursoc give you strength.
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I’mma need a wizard shaped hat tinfoil hat.

This is a confirmation of a furbolg playable race!!!

/I want this now blizz.


I have to admit, a Furbolg (Alliance) and San’layn from playable Darkfallen (Horde) pairing would be a very exciting pair for me.

That rumor specifically mentions just one race, but it would be great to see at least a pair or two, assuming we are getting at least one new race. Wishful thinking, but whatever race or races do become playable in the future, I’m hoping they’d be ones people have been wanting for a long time.

Datamining mentions encrypted files involving Tyrande. It could be related to Night Elf Darkfallen, but maybe we’ll see Furbolgs get involved with helping the Night Elves as well. Something to keep an eye on for sure!

Playable Alliance Furbolgs are a bear necessity! :honey_pot::bear:


Night elf darkfallyn… they can stay in the horde.

Let’s get furbolgs instead lol.


That would be an entertaining group of transmog items. lol

Various forms of Tinfoil hat.

Standard, Cone, Pirate, Wizard, Pandaren, Sailor…

I doubt thats really the pair but it would be amazing.

I have a thought that the leak states only one race because the leaker meant one per side. Hard to tell though. Since its still not confirmed either way I just don’t know myself.

If it is just the one race though I’m betting Darkfallen for Horde and Alliance. Horde get it with the Belf model, Alliance get the Nelf model.

This is what I actually would place my bets on.

Or that its actually customizations being made available… really hard to say.

Yes. I would rather this too.


Made a bit of a modification to the thread today. Updated it so that the pictures use imgur instead of discord as I’ve been having pictures fail to load after awhile. We’ll see it that holds up.

I’d also like to talk about the furbolg and the Scourge.

As we all know though have seen little of, during Shadowlands the Scourge have been running rampant across Azeroth. This likely has been affecting a large number of races and peoples most notably on Northrend itself, but also the northern territories of Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms have also likely been heavily affected since Scourge presences would reach those places faster.

Furbolg exist both in Northrend and in much of Northern Kalimdor, as well as the Broken Isles.

As a result they may be affected heavily by this. I would love to see how the tribes of Grizzlemaw City have held up. Their defensive walls would give them an excellent defense as well as being able to call upon Ursoc’s children to assist them. Still with the Scourge based in Icecrown and two paths from there lead into the Grizzly Hills I can imagine they’d be sieged pretty hard.

I hope they will survive, though this could be an excellent moment for the Grizzly Hills tribes to unify and flee Northrend to maybe join up with their Night Elven allies. Couple that with the Stillpine already allied with the Draenei, the Blackwood Furbolg allied with the Night Elves already and in few number, and tribes like the Thistlefur being potentially convincible to join other furbolg in such a faction that would be a very easy way to get furbolg to join the Alliance as an allied race.

Just a thought I had this morning and wanted to talk about.

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Honestly would be livid if the next playable race is some kind of Elf variant. This game is turning into World of Elfcraft.

There’s hundreds of other races in this game Blizz, show them some attention. Furbolgs have been around since what, WC3? You’ve got tribes that are part of the Alliance, making them playable is a no-brainer.

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Probably for obvious reasons I wouldn’t mind the next one being an elf but, I do feel like more variety is a good idea.

And furbolg would be a dream for me.

Very much this.

By my count there are two tribes actively part of the Alliance, with the potential for a further two.

Those being the Stillpine, Blackwood and Gnarlpine and Thistlefur respectively.

Horde has none.

They would easily go Alliance with almost no effort and with a nice model redo I think many would really enjoy the bear men.


If I remember the lore correctly I think some of them even speak Darnassian. The Night Elves would be a very easy way to sponsor Furbolgs into the Alliance.


I really feel like there would be some good storylines to come with Furbolgs working with Night Elves to help each other in a time of need. There is a lot going for Furbolgs in general, being a race in the Warcraft franchise since at least Warcraft 3, so I imagine the potential for a lot of interest in general for them. Not to mention adding some much needed variety to the Alliance in general.

I could imagine if they were treated like an allied race, their unlock scenario would be working hard to help the Night Elves find a new place or grow a new world tree somewhere, and that helps them gain favor for joining the Alliance. I would say their interest in joining would depend on the tribe or tribes that represent the playable faction. If they’re based in Kalimdor along with the new Night Elf home, it could be a mutual safety benefit or something on a more grand scale.

Seems like something we should think about and add ideas to. There are plenty of ways to go about playable Furbolg storylines, as well as considering what the new tribe in Dragonflight will be like.

Playable Alliance Furbolgs are a bear necessity! :honey_pot::bear:



Their long history with the Night Elves and their more recent alliance with the Draenei makes furbolg really easy to get into the Alliance.

Their stories would mesh easily, could be about the furbolg coming into their own as a society united rather than disperate tribes.

And like with the Frostborn Dwarves, Pearlfin Jinyu, broken and proper Wildhammer they’re all already in the Alliance.

There are next to no issues with the furbolg joining the Alliance.

Ideally there would be a few quests that show them uniting several tribes on their own and then in their attempt to join the Alliance they would assist, probably the Night Elves and the Draenei, in some capacity in Kalimdor to support efforts there.

Far as a mutal safety benefit… the Blackwood furbolg tribe has been decimated and could easily use the help and a new home. Toss in the Gnarlpine survivors from the Burning of Teldrassil, assuming any survived, and thats two right there. No doubt the Stillpine would happily lend aid at the very least so right out getting three or so tribes of furbolg to that effort would be super simple and easy.

They could also use the opportunity to answer the Thistlefur’s current status and have them join. Last we heard they were kinda allied again with the Night Elves but kinda not? They live in Ashenvale Forest not far from an Alliance base and could easily have been hit along with other Alliance forces as a nuisance to be removed by Sylvanas’ attack on Darkshore.

Plenty of easy ways to get them involved making it four tribes. Thats a good base of furbolg right there with little effort.


I welcome any such ideas.

I’m really invested in the concept of several tribes allying together to make a Conclave faction of furbolg tribes. I’d love to see them invite other tribes like the Timbermaw and Blackmaw, along with any others and end up cementing that the Timbermaw and a few other tribes will remain neutral or outright hostile. Refusing to join the Conclave after meeting with them and learning their intent to ally with the Alliance.

I assume generally that it would be built off of the Stillpine, Blackwood, Gnarlpine*, and Thistlefur*.
*Requires some work.
As far as Dragonflight I don’t really know what to make of it. They’ve been supposedly sequestered I assume for 10k years… so they might be entirely different than what we’ve yet seen.

They could be more advanced which would probably lend themselves to a playable faction. They could be swelling with numbers also helping there. Its hard to tell.

While I like the story potentials, I hope Blizzard doesn’t ignore the old furbolgs potential in that case though.

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9.2.5 has been officially announced to come out May 31st. I gathered a few Wowhead links that goes over info on it:

Still no Dragonflight preorders, which is what the rumors mentioned were related to any new playable races. Can’t say it’s true or not, but we won’t find out until we see the preorder incentives for it. Still something to keep an eye out on since we have Furbolg involvement in the next expansion in some fashion.

Given that there are suppose to be various events of how Azeroth fared during Shadowlands going on during the patch, we’ll see what happens then I suppose.

Playable Furbolgs are a bear necessity! :honey_pot::bear:

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It has bearly any mentions of anything to do with the encrypted data on the ptr.

That’s a huge bit of missing info so I’d guess it would be tied to pre-orders at this point.

Its a long shot but there’s the Darkshore/Tyrande/seed quest/video thing.

There’s a very very very very very slight potential for furbolg to join there.

I very much doubt it but I can’t say it’s 100% not going to happen.

Indeed. Seems really odd to hide so much… I hate it. I want to be excited for things. Not sitting in the dark eyeing that unsubscribe button.

(I am not unsubscribing anytime soon.)

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I’m not personally into Furbolgs but I’ll bump your thread. I think Blizz should release more playable races because they have so many that have potential.

Only thing I’d be upset by is if a playable race is given to the opposite faction, then what a player plays. As much as I don’t like neutral races I think they should make a neutral race at creation but before you confirm creation you pick your faction.

I’d be very upset if Alliance got Ogres or Mok’nathal. We’re talking rage quit type upset. Those who don’t align to a faction are lucky because I’ve tried to play both but just can’t do it. I don’t like the Alliance side of things or their quests or their areas. I do like Kul’Tirans and Mechagnomes but I do not have them unlocked and find it hard to even play an Alliance toon long enough to level past 20.

+1 playable Furbolg

EDIT: I did have a level 120 NE DH I was trying to unlock Kul’Tirans with but deleted him after I ran into the typical Alliance PUG’s I ALWAYS run into . . .very rude and thoughtless. Everyone else I know has switched to Alliance and like it. Me on the other hand can’t.


I appreciate that my friend. Your support means a lot.


Though with the cross faction foray that may not be as much a concern in the future.

Ogres, Mok’nathal, San’layn, Taunka, Forest Trolls, Dragonmaw Orcs and Hozen. Can’t see any reason for them to be Alliance.

It’d drive me nuts too.

The amount of people I’ve seen say this makes me feel ARs need to be just… Unlocked.

Plus waaay more cross faction.

My own mechagnome still regularly gets more help from Horde players than Alliance.

If you ever try again let me know. I’d be happy to help you get through it without pugs or with little issue.


Bagzak drew my attention to this CC thread.

He doesn’t mention near enough of the AR threads out there but its really nice to see someone pull for us.

If the OP of that CC thread sees this at the bottom of my Main Post here is a list of many AR and customization threads, please feel free to pull from it.

Would be nice to have Blizzard give notice to the various AR threads that have been around, and of course for this one.


I do see it. But im currently raiding on EU. People are free to relink themselve to the thread so i get the corresponding notifications.


Appreciate it.

So many of us have put in a lot of effort. Just being seen is a big win for us.


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