< Range Five > [H] Zul’jin Tue Wed 7-10pm EST Mythic

[Range Five] [H] Zul’jin is a mythic guild that looks to progress in raid content while having fun with the game. The guild has been together since Legion but is made up of players who have been raiding together off and on since as far back as Wrath of the Lich King. Many of our players have raided seriously in the past, pushing as high as US top 50 and getting multiple cutting edge achievements, but due to changes in life and a desire to remain more casual, we have decided to approach Shadow Lands a little differently. We achieved AOTC pretty quickly every tier and our mythic progression for BFA is listed below.

Uldir – 6/8 M
BoD – 6/9M
Eternal Palace – Took a break for this tier
Ny’alotha – 7/12M
Castle Nathria 6/10H

What are we looking for?:
We are looking to build our roster up for Shadow Lands, adding new, strong players who are looking to have fun with the new expansion and kill bosses. Our goals for the first tier are to get AOTC and then work through Mythic bosses with the expectation being similar progression to what we experienced in BFA. To this end, we look to foster a raid environment where people are able to have fun and make the most out of our 2-day raid schedule.

Raid Times:
Tuesday 7 EST – 10 EST
Wednesday 7 EST- 10 EST

Recruitment Priorities:
Regardless of priority or class listing, we are always looking to add exceptional and versatile players with similar goals to ours.

DPS with a reliable tank offspec
Holy Pally HIGH
Holy Priest HIGH
Warrior MED
Boomkin HIGH
Warlock HIGH
Spriest MED
Hunter HIGH

Expectations for Raiders:
Attendance: We only ask that raiders who will not be able to be at raid any given night, give us advanced warning by posting in the absence channel in discord.
Consumables: Bring flasks and food to raid each night in the event that guild feasts/cauldrons are not available for that evening
“Raid Ready” : Maintain your character with the expansion’s systems such as Renown, legendary item progression, and dungeon completion each week. We don’t have strict requirements but just ask that everyone do at least the minimum to progress your character so that we can down bosses.


Cartur#2415 (Jekkle)

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We also play among us!

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oh this is fun

Hey. We really need some dps who hit things from far away. Thanks

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I love mages and warlocks

Still looking for ranged dps!

Still looking!

I saw Trottaa vent… i watched it on cams

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We still looking for more

Need some more interested range dps!

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What is a warlock or hunter? I have heard about them in passing but have not seen one.

Still looking for interesting people!

Louzar vented

Frost mage here with Resto Druid Alt. I’m interested, if you all are still looking for RDPS. I sent you both friend request via Battle.net. BTAG: Kizz1987#1821.

I just transferred my Hunter and Druid over to the server (want to play Horde for this upcoming expansion). Could you use a BM Hunter, Guardian Druid or Blood DK?

bumping in the night

Time is money Friends