194 Warrior Looking for Guild

BATTLE TAG: Larry#1138

Hi! I am looking for a AOTC orientated guild for shadowlands. I have previous mythic progression experience going all the way back to Siege of Orgrimmar. I am punctual, have a good attitude, and am knowledgable about my class.

Just a warning that I did take a break during this expension because my guild that I started with died during Eternal Palace. I came back 7 months ago during Nyalotha where I joined a Cutting Edge guild on Zul’jin and cleared the content.

The following is what I am looking for:

Sunday - Monday: Anytime between 7PM EST and 11:30PM EST

Uldir - 8/8M Cutting Edge
Crucible of Storms - 2/2H
Battle for Dazarlor - 9/9M Cutting Edge
Eternal Palace - 4/8M
Ny’alotha - 9/12M - with Cutting Edge (guild stopped doing the pit shortly after i joined)

Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/id/912152

Guild and Realm:

[H] Intuition Thrall

Raid Times/Days:

Tuesday - Thursday 8PM-11PM EST


Comprised of existing 12/12M Cutting Edge players and returning top us players.

All existing players who return or players who apply to the guild will all have a fair chance at a core raid spot and all will be trialing.

Who we are and a few Notable Kills:

Intuition is a reform on Thrall of a former top us 40 guild in Eredar. We’re a group of individuals that take gaming seriously and have competitive personalities. We do daily Mythic+ keys in the range of 22-27.

H Magmaw World 45 US 12
H Nefarian - World 50 US 14
H Al’Akir - World 41 US 14

What we offer:

Provide guild raid flasks and feasts.
Runes (if applicable)
We will cover realm transfer costs for exceptional players.

Recruitment Contacts:

Khascade#1163 (BNET) Khascade#8537 (Discord)


https ://discord. gg/GmXDSSZaSd - remove spaces

How to apply:

Contact me in game or discord or apply using the application below:
https ://docs.google . com/forms/d/1XCMZqevjOPG7rMNsSuEnOdh5oPYeHeMM82YslUDyqYg/edit - remove spaces

What we’re looking for:

Ready to slay dragons attitude. Accepting players willing to put in the time and commitment to clear end-game content. You don’t have to be exceptional to join the mythic team just have the effort to improve and understand mechanics. Discord is required to receive news and announcements.
Come prepared to raid before invites go out. (Invites go out 15 minutes prior to first pull.)
Min/Max your character and maximize performance.
Returning players that has prior experience with difficult encounters is a plus.
Players that have decent-high arena ratings even if they do not have raid experience. (This shows situation awareness.)
Players that have decent-high raider iO scores from season 4 and before even if they do not have raid experience.
Players that have the flexibility to play multiple classes and specs if needed.

Recruitment Needs:

Strong players
Tanks - LOW
Healers -MEDIUM (MW Monk, Holy Priest, Restoration Shaman/Druid and Holy Paladin.)
DPS - (MEDIUM-HIGH) (Mage, Warlock, Elemental Shaman, Balance Druid, Sub Rogue, Hunter and Shadow Priest)

still looking. I would rather not realm transfer!

Changed my expectations to an AOTC centered guild. Time restrictions remain the same.

Hey there! I run an AOTC guild here on Zul’jin. Our current raid times should work for you. Add my btag Papajohn#1909 if you wanna chat!

added ya boss! let’s have a quick chat!

Still looking!

Still looking for a guild for Shadowlands! would love to tank or dps for a guild!

Looking for a tank? Well you’ve found one! 175 ilevel and ready to pop off next week

Weekends have opened up. Hit me up if you need a tank OR DPS!

Good luck in Nathria! Still looking for a guild! Prot warrior or DPS

Looking for a solid, consistent player for CN? Hit me up!

Hit me for up for the CN PROGGGGG

We might be a good fit! Hope to hear from you soon!