186 Disc Priest lf Semi Hardcore Guild

Hi there, I am primarily a disc priest that can flex to holy/shadow that is currently looking for a raid guild that is looking for heroic/eventual mythic progression. I also quite enjoy mythics and would like to get into key pushing, and enjoy a little bit of rated PvP.

I transferred to this server in BFA from an advertisement on reddit but the guild eventually fell apart because BFA wasn’t very fun and I stopped playing after downing the first couple mythic bosses in Uldir.

So far I’ve been enjoying Shadowlands quite a bit more and would be interested in picking raiding back up on retail. I am currently in a guild on Classic that raids Thursdays/Sundays. I am unsure what our plans are after we clear Naxx which should be soon.

Other than that I am available any other day pending work - I work day shifts, evening shifts and night shifts but I am primarily day shift.

My battle.net tag is Laboratory#11927

Come check us out!